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  1. Alex

    Myself and couple of my friends have booked 3 units for 4400/sq.ft (ofcourse we have negotiated and made them reduce little) .They say current rate is 4800/sq.ft if you book from Feb 3rd and i guess if you approach them personally you may have chance to reduce. Bulk booking will help a lot. Now coming to the High Tension Wires, we see the approval plan in their web portal and they say it will be moved by March 14 and we are planning to go for the agreement only after it is moved. It is a cracking deal if it moved and I am damn sure they will increase it more if it is moved. 2 compulsory car parking can be negotiated by i feel it will be useful in the future. I am not sure about the water and I feel if we get the water for the daily use except for drinking it will be more than good enough. Please post your comment if any one have booked recently

    • Kartik Murugan

      Hi Alex,

      Can you please share your contact details? I am looking at booking a flat at Pashmina Waterfront and would like to discuss.




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