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Tekton Constructing Trust Reviews

Tekton Estates Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known developer of Bengaluru with all its good will as the company had ventured in all kinds of real estate development with a commendable repute. The company in a short time has built IT parks, commercial real estate, office complexes, commercial complexes, residential complexes and layouts too. In the residential sector too the company had built variety of buildings and residential units like individual villas, apartments, row houses and other types of housing solutions. The company proudly proclaims that it has all the components of affordability, authenticity, accessibility and all other features required for a company to sell desired and dream homes to all. The housing units are also strategically located and so are the company’s commercial complexes, IT Parks and SEZs too. Even the IT Parks, shopping malls and the SEZs are so built with the latest design, technology and the standards of future that the company claims that it has carved a niche in this domain too.

InCity and VisionCity are two of the ongoing layout projects of the company located in Whitefield and Sarjapur Road respectively. Nisarga Capital and Sai Kripa Harmony are two complexes of luxury apartments located at Hoskote and Mahadevpura respectively. These apartment complexes and the land plot layouts are designed with the latest technology and they have all the comforts of the amenities that you would need for a decent living.

The company is indeed one of the upcoming and best known developers of the IT Capital of India. To bring more transparency and the prospective customers to know about the company, you are requested to write reviews, appraisals, appreciations, concerns and views about the company.

We kindly Request you to Post your Reviews on Tekton Constructing Trust – Bangalore.

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  1. raj

    dont buy plots from them, buy from actual land owners/developer directly instead for much lower proce. also dont construct through them, their quality is very bad.

    • sun

      Tekton is not a reliable company and not professionally managed . They try to cheat where ever possible but not openly…There are some temporary people running this as an agency. No one is accountable.They do not keep promise on time. Their first Joint development project is a super failure (No promise kept…go and look the current status). Development is a nightmare with them .please be careful while dealing with them for construction. After 8 months of delay i am still struggling to get back my Money.

  2. sharan


  3. Guruswamy Basavaiah

    Thank you for reviews, i was planning to buy a plot in tekton Phoenix, now dropped after looking into all your comments.

    • Leela Naveen


      I have personal experience buying properties with Tekton Estates. They are a good and reliable builder. I have purchased properties with them in “In City” and in “White County”. I have had good experience, whenever my Lawyer asked for papers; we asked them and they have provided all the necessary papers for us to go ahead including land Katha. If they do not have some documents rights away, they have told the truth of getting them to us and kept with their promise.

      At least my husband and myself have had a good experience with them and I would like to share that. Even my family members have got properties through them. I have dealt with Ramraju, Govindraj, Krishnakumar and Mahesh.

      Thank you,

  4. Santhosh

    I Had bought a plot from NRI Delonix city from Tekton Estates and its almost 6 months from registration, they are reluctant to provide Khata certificate When i call Mr Govind on his mobile he does not answer the call. When he knows that i am in their office he does not come there. If I call him from a different number then he answers my call and gives some lame reasons…Only India Bulls which is another fraudulent financial body has approved it. Now i feel bit cheated by them until i get the Khata certificate. Will keep you updated on the progress of my issue

  5. Naveen

    I recommend think more than twice after my experience with them, they are now not paying my booking money back and nor the papers needed by my lawyer.

  6. shakthi ghosh

    Dear All,

    I would like to bring some information about Tekton Estates Pvt Ltd for your kind notice, I am one of the customer of the tekton booked a plot in there villa project in Hoskote, iam also one of the sad customer as others who lost my booking amount and also got cheated and faced a lot of problems. They promised some bank during the time of booking but after booking they black mail us to log in for some other bank. cheaters.

    By keeping all this in mind i have gathered a lot of information about them and the Director of the company ( Mr Ramaraju ).

    Tekton Estates is a just a marketing company who join hands with local developer for some price and they sell the product for high in the market, Same way they also sell unauthorized plot/ villas to customer by paying money to banker as commission.

    One more shocking news is that Tekton Estates was opened just one year back but they say they are in market from past 7 years, the shocking news is Tekton was before called as Zenon Estates, by that brand they have cheated many customers in the market and by at last when people came to know about them and there project they have shut the company and opened by named Tekton Estates, they have lot of cases and also cheated income tax dept also they never ever completed any project 50 % of Development, as per the govt body

    By Zenon Estates they have done few layout marketing, which have still not developed and they sold all unauthorized plot also.

    Zenon is closed and Tekton is present.. who knowns what will be next.

    Zenon Estates is been black listed with ICICI not only ICICI i hope many banks too.

    I have some doubt and information needed.

    1. BMRDA will release only 60% to , sell, why and how bank will give loan for non release sites/ Villas.
    2. Developer is the Owner of the Land, how come bank will encourage Marketing company for loan.
    3. I have request original document Verification for my plot but they dint have the proper document, in that case how bank will approve the project.

    there are so many issues with company, its just an information from a sad customer who has gathered the information with lot of time.

    I hope this would help other customers and Bankers to realize what company are they dealing with.
    Its left for your choice.

  7. Girish

    I am planning to buy plot with Tekton please share you experience with them

  8. sandeep chougule

    I went and checked today. Marketing guy – Mahesh did show me property and layout. He agreed that they started off without approval and they had to change layout. Anybody who has bought villa here? Are these guys have any credibility? Failed to get any information on internet. So bit worried. Please drop an email sschougule@gmail.com.

    • Rahul


      i have aDoubt on their credibility, I have booked a villa in delonix city. earlier they told that they have a tie up with somany national banks but now they are forcing me to go with india bulls only.


  9. red

    Any issues buddy? We r suffering with delonix city registration. The layout has been changed from the booked one. Now they r forcing us to take last row ones which r released in first 30% release

    • Rahul

      Yes even i have also booked in Delonix City.

      I dont think that Teckton are reliable. Because earlier they told that they are having agreement with major national banks but after booking they are forcing to go with India Bulls for home loan. 2 weeks back i visited their office and seen so many people were in the que to cancel their bookings (because they have got some negative feedback about them). And Teckton was ignoring to give their booking amount back.

  10. kamal sharma

    I am planning to buy a land site with Tekton estates in Hoskote.
    Please let me know if anybody is also buying in that area.


    • raj

      I didn’t see any approval number for NRI Delonix and InCity project in website as well as in Newpaper ads. Generally if any project approved then it approval number should be mentioned in website. please check if approval number is present then it should be present in Hoskote Planning authority website.

      • ritesh


        I can see BMRDA approval on the website (e-brochure), I booked a site at in-city project today.

        Any other info if you have please share..

      • Akil

        Even i booked a site (Villa) at In-city Hoskote Last 27/01/2013.

        Any body got the Land Documents from the builder to go ahead for Bank Loan n all..

        Plz Share the details about documents!

      • ritesh

        Hi Akil,

        I am told to get the legal papers on 10th feb, what about you, did you pay the booking amount of 50k, my villa number is 148, whats yours?

      • Gangadhar

        Can you tell at what price you bought this plot.Even i am planning to buy.But no idea on this layout.Can u please guide me.

      • Shrinivas

        Hi all,

        pls let me know if anybody got the clear/original documents of property and the loan ?, I’m planning to book a villa is it advised ?


      • gaurav

        Can u tell what is the BMRDA no u seen in the broucher…..

      • vimal

        dont belive in them, i was booked a plot in NRI Delonix Projet later came to know that there is a lot of problem with in the property, there is a word that there will be a railway track in the layout, and also lot of problem in the documents and also we came to know that ICICI and HDFC and many bank are reject this property because of legal problem and also before tekton they hada company by name Zenon closed after cheating lot of customers.

        update more if you know any more details of them.

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