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Vandana Infra Builders

Vandana Infra Builders are a 17 year old professionally managed Property Development organization. They have proven and reliable track record of having built homes for many people. They have developed close to half a million square feet of built area in Bangalore. The company was established in the year 1996. They function with a motto to provide quality residential homes to people.

Vandana Group  mission is to stand out as a global-standard builder and property developer. They imbibe a deep sense of faith and believe that that their goal is to shape personal and corporate dreams by carving villas, homes, office and apartments projects that match the requirements of the customers and live up to the dreams of the customers. They work with a vision to be a major contributor in residential construction. Vandana Infra continuously studies customer needs and trends of real estate to deliver the best to the customers.

Vandana Infra Builder’s ongoing projects include Vandana Prime Rose, Vandana Coral, Vandana Earl’s Court, B. R. Enclave, SV Lake View. Their upcoming projects promise to deliver the best to the customers. Their completed projects have been occupied by many people and have happy customers.

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  1. sujit

    I am planning to book a flat in the Vandana Tejyesh .I want to know the review from the owners of the flat .
    Today i visited the project , I see most of the work are still pending . Why there is much delay ? Its already 2016 , does builder doesn’t care to complete all the work ?

    • Kiran

      Vandana Tejyesh Supervisors are promising by July 2016. I spoke to land owner and he is telling all amenities will be completed by Dec’2016. Not sure why these lazy idiots need another 8 months to complete the amenities. Today I saw one resident arguing with land owners that they have collected 6 Lakhs towards VAT & Service Tax for already completed project (Vandana Tejyesh). Poor guy was not aware of this before buying. Not sure how many residents (who already bought flat in Vandana Tejyesh) made this mistake.

    • Kiran

      If you call them and ask about completion date they will tell you July 2016. I went personally and ask them in detail about each work one of the supervisor revealed that it will be completed by Dec’2016. OMG
      1) As per the plan Swimming pool should on the terrace. Now they have moved to vacant place next to the venture. They are telling that there will be phase II which will be built there, which means both have to use the same pool.
      2) When I spoke to the few flat owners who already moved they don’t have any expectation regarding amenities. One owner made it clear not to waste money in this project. I couldn’t ask more questions on the project as he was very upset with the project.
      3) Finishing of the project is pathetic. Get in to any of the unoccupied flat you will notice the poor state of the building. You will see cracks everywhere.
      4) Go to terrace and see how the water pipes are being arranged. Leakages everywhere. My point is leakages will happen but builder is not bothered about fixing this. First year maintenance is with Builder and he has to fix this. They are collecting 25K for first year maintenance.
      5) For amenities they are constructing above Block C and D. But they are using Iron beams to construct the amenities. Which means either they don’t have permission or not bothered about quality.
      6) For VAT & Service Tax they are collecting 6L for completed flat. First thing they should not collect for flats that are ready to occupy. Even if you pay they wont be providing any invoice/receipts/ won’t mention this 6L in the sale agreement. You can understand this by yourself.
      7) As per the seller, they are selling the flats for 3350/- per Sq.Ft. which is 2 year old price. But the catch is you will pay 12 Lakhs extra for all amenities which is very very high. Amenities in this project is a Joke. Check by yourself or talk to flat owners.

  2. lizy

    Hi all, im planning for vandana teyjesh,please let me know the pro s and cons of this project.

    • Gaurav

      Do not go with this builder. They are asking 45 k as bribe for OC which was never communicated. They have used poor quality material and they have reduced the UDS. UDS is lesser than the promised.

  3. Deep

    I am planning to buy a flat with Vandana Tejyesh, Panathur. If anyone has any idea about the property and Vandana builders, kindly let me know.

  4. Sukanya

    They are very Great at work. They are always available when I have queiries.

  5. Seeta Karunakar

    Such a hard working builder Vandana Builder is. Your dream will never come true about the home, if you will not book a flat with Vandana Builder. I had booked a flat in Vandana Flora which is very suitable location for me near to my office. The project is almost about complete that is the reason I am waiting very eagerly. I visited their while construction was going on.

  6. murali


    I want to book a flat in Vandana Tejyesh, did anybody booked. Please let me know

    • Satyanand

      Hi Murali, I had booked an apartment in Vandana Tejyesh and I swear to tell you, one day I went to the construction site to see their project status and construction progress and you won’t believe I felt like I am sitting in my lawn and watching those grass to grow. Beside these delaying construction their quality of construction and all are pretty good.

      • Deep

        Hi I am planning to book… Have you booked? please contact me … I need to discuss about the property…

      • Vijay

        Hi Satyanand,

        I am planning to book flat in same apartment. Could please share more information about this property.

  7. Joshna

    Hello all, I booked a flat about 2 years before but am still waiting to live on that flat where I booked. Its still under construction and it will take so many months to be complete. My patience is gone now and CRM doesn’t give proper response which I want. They always tackle the talk in another direction whenever I ask the same question related to project. Apart from this, all things are good like quality, tax, behavior which is plus point of this company.

  8. Krishnapa

    Even I have booked a flat in brundavan on sarjapur road the construction quality seems to be good but I really am worried about the time and speed of their construction because the construction is still their where I saw it on September, well now my faith is dangling on them.

  9. Dharesh

    Hi Friends,

    I am planning to book a flat from this builder in brundavan on sarjapur road, can you please let me know your feedback about vandana builders? how is the construction quality? will they give OC and Khata certificate? I visited the site last week, the construction quality looks good.


  10. deepansh

    Living in a good home is a real dream of all people but it will never come true if you had booked the flat from Vandana infra builder in Bangalore. This is Amit Upadhyay and I have bought a flat from this builder in 2011. I paid 29 lacks for this flat which has been constructed without quality. In 2008 when I went to book the flat, I got so many promises from this builder saying it would be high quality materials will be used, good design of construction etc so many false promises was done. Now I am living in that flat and I can see the worst quality and design and now I feel that it was a total waste of money. If anybody is interested in buying the flat from Vandana infra builder please read this review.

    • zotsan

      From last one year construction is going on but still it is not completed. My self Shilpa we booked a flat in Vandana Flora Project of Vandana infra builder. And now more than one year has been over and still it not finished. I and my husband had asked regarding it with their CRM people and with their sales manager but not giving proper response. Now we have no idea what we need to do. My friends who booked with other builder already got their flat.

      • santhosh

        Hi Zotsan

        What is the latest status of your apartment and when did you book? I have seen the property but not sure whether to take the plunge or not. Which floor have you booked and what is your opinion. Do you know about any other folks who have booked there? Your information is very valuable for me. Thanks in advance


      • Shiv

        Hi Santhosh,

        I am also planning to book in a week, a flat in Vandana Flora HSR Layout 7th sector.

        Which flat are you booking and how much they are quoting you?

        As per my knowledge, more South Facing flats are available.
        In fact i have contacted Vandana Flora 6 months ago also , may be in month of January 2014. That time they said by June, it will be ready But now last week i visited the project, still its under construction.


      • Kajal P

        Hi, are you all talking about vandana Flora in HSR?? what I heard is this project will on next month and I was planning to book a flat there it is nicely located and the price is also good according to the location.please replay..

    • Prashanth

      I am planning to book a flat in Vandana Flora . I would like to know the details of issues you are facing.
      Can you please let me know your contact number or email id that I can reach out.
      My email id is

    • Charls


      can you please tell me which project your are talking about. They have done many projects in HSR and would like to know the review for this bulders.

      • sreeni

        This is a bull shit project. .very very cheap quality meterials and the construction is very very very poor. I own a flat in VANDANA TEJYESH, F303, my name is sreenivas reddy.
        You have to beg for each and every small work. They will charge like Rs6000 for one extra switch board
        There are GUYS at projet named ALWIN ,RAJESH ….

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