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Spamming & Scam by World Class Propeties – WCP 5 Reviews from same ip with different names. Do not Believe this People.

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  1. Kiran

    This Person Lingaraj and his team (earlier office was in HSR beside Nanda’s restaturant but now i dont see the office there) is a big fraud. Before taking the booking amount he will be very sweet to you, once you give him the money he will behave like he doesnot know you. He will be very rude and always says he knows bigshots and no one can touch me. I dont know what bigshots he is referring to. Beware of him as per my latest research he has changed name of his co or closed WCP started a new one.

  2. sowjanya

    This wcp person lingaraj is a very big cheat.
    Initially thet say they are the owners and later we came to know that they are just marketing ppl.They trap people saying there are less flats available..they will be booked today itself and force to give cheque…once you pay money and take documents they will not give you time for verification.They will force for agreement.
    After you pay them are no one..They dont respond..they dont pick you calls.
    Incase you cancel and ask for refund…even god doesnt know if you will get your money back.
    I proceeded purchasing flat from these people even after reading all these reviews……and finally this guy cheated us and 50000 of our money is still with him.If we call him he doent pic the call..and if we go directly he answers carelessly…..

    These people are big cheaters..they earn money just by cheating people…dont ever go to them..they just quote lesser prices..and say will do everything on time and finally nothing will be done..everything will be charged extra and customers are cheated…

    Lingaraj is well trianed in cheating people.Dont waste your money and time with this WCP constructions.

  3. sowjanya

    If anyone of you have got your money back from them , kindly let us know the procedure to get the money back.

  4. rohit sharma

    I have also been stuck up with the loss of my 1 lac rupees to this sad organization and his head “mr Lingraj”. Whatever they call themselves or or world class properties, HSR layout … marketing flats in a bogus way…

    Please beware my friends and tell all your colleagues in other organizations as well to not to fall in this trap.

    Why don’t all of us combine together and launch a police complaint towards them. If interested mail me at rohitsharma7566(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. Lakshmi

    My wishes to everyone. My name is Lakshmi. I work as a school teacher in one of the prestigious schools in Bangalore. In simple words let me tell you my worst experience with WCP Constructions.

    – WCP Constructions signed a legal agreement stating they will pay interest/rent for all the months delayed – effective from the date of their original completion date. Now, it has been more than 9 months and the project is not ready. When contacted for interest/rent, the reply was “we are not going to pay any interest or rent. If you want, go to court and file a case”.. Is this the professional and legal way of talking to customers and doing the business?What sort of company is this? A big bogus fraudster which attracts middle class buyers to buy a flat, signs all the papers sometimes even without reading, and then totally disagrees with everything and stabs you at the back… Is this what you all want? There are much much better builders who offer best quality and price at the same and not treat the customers so cheaply…If anyone was treated the way I have explained, please reply to me because I am not going to let them continue cheating innocent people. Come what may, I will see to it that they shut their constructions for good and not operate anymore.

  6. Shiva

    Me, Shiva, from Tamilnadu. I am really disappointed by WCP. We have purchased a flat through WCP in Sept 2012. They spend all their money in advertisement only, there is no completed project showed still now. You can see big banner adds in news paper,these things have been done only to cheat people money. Once the topic comes to the construction and legal part they gave all wrong commitments. I have been fought with most of the senior employees in WCP. Still now I didn’t get proper solution to my problems. And they have charged Service tax from us, but after registration, we came to know that they have not really paid service tax since it was not taxable under the service tax criteria. They have been cheated us in the name of Govt. Believe people If you purchase property here then your life will become like a HELL.

  7. Kunal.K

    I am here to share the worst nightmare and experience with WCP constructions.Beware of WCP constructions. Earlier i bought a flat with them just because they were quoting very less price compared to other builders. i did a lot of goggling for any kind of complaints or anything on the builder.Unfortunately nothing popped out and none commented on it. But i still took the risk of booking a flat with WCP constructions. WCP constructions never let you finish your verification at all, after giving the documents they call you the next day itself to make the payment and booking. This happened even though their project is not approved yet by BBMP.They lie to you telling that it’s all BBMP approve, .but frankly speaking they never got it approved for the next 3 months. Only after 3 months of time i got to see the approval letter from BBMP and the date when it was approved and signed.They dont have respect for their customers. Once you are booked you are no one for them.None of their staff have the courtesy to talk to or meet any customer after the booking to take their concerns into consideration. They always tells to the assistants that they all are busy with other customers, and they only meet their partners and people who come to make new bookings. What else can I say about such a FAKE BUILDER in the city.

  8. Manjunatha

    If people still believe that they are the genuine builders as posted in some of the comments i feel very sorry for them. Believe me we are caught badly and there is no way of escape. Only when everybody unites and plan to take them for a hale ride things might start changing. If you have been trying individually for years now, good luck if you want to try 2-3 more years. Everyone of us who has invested in this project including me are easy going person and don’t want to accept the truth and challenges. Lets accept that we are all screwed and try not to live on the mercy of the such builder….. I feel like laughing when I read those reviews … one of my friends also had bad experience with this developer so buyers please be careful.

  9. Girdhar Raj

    “Cheating Company- WCP Builders”

    I had booked flat with WCP Builders at Electronic city in 2012, but I have not seen any satisfactory work,any development work starts of the assigned location. The builder promised to give me possession within 20 months as per agreement. I have paid Rs. 100000.I applied for refund on 15 Jan 2013. The executive told me he shall NEFT Transfer in your Account after one month. I am calling every week from 15 Feb, and I get the response that I will get my refund next week. Company and their representative are cheating me. Now they are also telling, you can do anything and they will give money back when they feel like. I am helpless and I want this company to be shut down and management prosecuted.

  10. Veerbhadra Singh

    I am working in Wipro. I booked a flat in 2012 with WCP Constructions. I want to tell you people about my wooorrrsssst journey that I have experienced with this fraud builder. I felt this is the right time to share my bitter experience with you all. I would like to keep it short and sweet. They have not started the construction yet.
    Even though I have paid my first installment with the booking amount which they told me to pay, then too they are forcing me to pay the other two installments in one shot. And still my sale agreement is not yet done. Then again I researched about WCP builders in Google and I came to know the real picture of WCP. They are one of the biggest fraud companies in Bangalore. Please people I am sharing this bad experience with all of you to be in a safer side.

  11. Venugopal Dinesh

    “Please don’t buy a property from WCP constructions”
    HI. I am Dinesh Venugopal. I am from Bangalore.
    I can’t understand how anyone can be ever supportive of WCP constructions.

    i) They are always rude when questioned about the delay or when you ask for the EMI as per the agreement

    ii) There is no way you can escalate the issues because no one in their management cares about your complaints.

    iii) When asked about the delay in starting the construction, they say other builders delay so its ok for WCS to delay as well and this is such a stupid explanation and shows they do not care for their customers.

    iv) My project is more than 8 months delayed and they aren’t agreeing to pay any penalty or compensation.

    v) Most of the modifications I have asked for have either been over looked or not done, when I call them all they say is “we just can’t do what we can’t do”.
    Interestingly other company projects nearby have done similar modifications

  12. Emanuel George

    First of all, WCP Construction they are not into builders and developers. They are just a bunch of marketing fellows. They use to sell apartments of builders who could not sell their flats even after 1-2 years of launching their projects. All the projects which has been sold by WCP will surely be very bad construction quality which has been seen in my personal experience. The day one I met with their sales representative, he was literally confusing me and forcing me to book a flat. With the great confusion I have booked a flat in WCP which still now I am facing the consequences. The sales representatives are just English speaking illiterates who will be transferred to some other project after promising you some possession date & modifications. From my experience of buying a flat from WCP I would advise you readers to stay as far as possible from these big time cheaters.

  13. gaurav dutta

    “Beware of WCP Builders”
    I had been to an apartment of WCP builders in Sarjapur Road. We are ready to book 3bhk flat in 4th floor, they told its fully approved then we were ready for the booking and even we were giving advance cheque as well for 20% we asked those guys again to double check, they re-assured that it was approved. Then after 1/2 days I verified the reviews in forums then suddenly called him and ask till what floor it has been approved then he said it is approved for G+3, and what we are buying is on Fourth floor. These people are really fraud. Don’t trust. Really they will not provide papers and other information till u book.
    Now I have applied for my cancellation and as per what I read from other reviews I am up against a big trouble. Be careful, my suggestion is not to invest in WCP builders at and this builder should be black-listed.

  14. Namish

    “Got Cheated- Big Time with WCP Builders”

    I have been to several WCP builders in Bangalore and realized following:

    1. These people are not builders, they are marketing guys.
    2. They always a cheap rated builders so that they can get huge margin money.
    3. They do not have any take on construction quality as they chose poor rated builders.
    4. They make all false promises before you pay advance amount and start avoiding you once the construction starts.

    Please do not listen to their words. Verify with the builder before you invest Lakhs of rupees.

  15. Rohit

    I am working in Infosys and basically from WB. Let me tell you about my journey with this fraud builder. They requested me somany times to comment on them. I felt this is the right time to share my experience with you. They have not started the construction yet and again they are asking some money to process my sale agreement. I agreed with them to pay 1 Lakh to proceed for my agreement. After going through all of your comment, I can’t decide what should I do? Now I confirmed thet they are big fraud company. Please suggest me; whether I should pay or not? Please help me to get back my money. Thank you in advance.


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