Bengaluru is in its peak of development with infrastructural development all around, offices and large corporates migrating from all over the world which is also influencing the rapid growth of social infrastructural facilities like the schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels and others. This in turn is creating the demand for the housing sector which the developers are catering to keeping in mind the buyer’s budget factor and the Bengaluru locations which are in demand. The land plots are also in demand and so we see many developers selling land by dividing them into plots as well.

What do the buyers say?

Bengaluru is a user driven market with 80 percent of the buyers being the end users. With many youngsters coming to Bengaluru for their education and subsequently chooses to settle down here itself getting a suitable job which makes them decide to buy a home for themselves rather than staying in a rented home. The Home Buyers Sentiment Index (HSI) is high for Bengaluru as the city promises of a good lifestyle with improved infrastructure and the promise of generation of jobs. Another factor that attracts them to buy homes in Bengaluru is the prices are also within their budget.home buyers

This trend of the youngsters have been noticed by few developers like the Dreamz Infra, Shobha and the Concorde group who have ventured into the affordable housing segment and have started selling homes at a price as low as Rs. 10 lakhs. Dreamz Infra offers you a plethora of options to buy 1 and 2 BHK homes in different locations within Rs. 15 lakhs. There are many developers today who have ventured into this affordable housing segment of Bengaluru owing to the ever-increasing demand of housing in this segment. Not are few developers offering such low prices Bengaluru offers housing solution from most of the developers within Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 lakhs and luxury three BHK homes are also available at a range of Rs. 40 lakhs to Rs. 60 lakhs too. Amenities like children’s play area, swimming pool, club house and many more are also available in this price range.

A survey conducted revealed that Bangalore is one of the cities with the lowest age group of buyers within 40 years. Not only men, women are also in the fray with Pune having the largest female home buyers and Bangalore also has considerable number of female home buyers too.

Preferred Locations:

The data shows that some of the prime locations that are preferred by the buyers are Sarjapur Road, Electronic City, Marathahalli, HSR layout, the stretches along Outer Ring Road, White field, Magadhi Road, Yehalanka and Hebbal. Dreamz Infra offers you housing solution within a range of Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs in almost all of these locations. There are other builders too like Concorde Group and Shobha developers who are selling flats and apartments at affordable prices and thus the customer is left with numerous choices within their budget.

Preferred home types:

Among the housing types in demand, apartments are mostly being preferred with the apartments within gated communities and with security systems. As most of the buyers are from nuclear families with most of the families having both the spouses working, their preference is more for the work space being near to their homes. This is one of the reasons why the areas near the IT parks are gaining importance and are growing faster. Such examples would be Hosur Road, Marathahalli, and Sarjapur Road among others.

10 Responses

  1. Rishab

    My aim is to construct three floors building in Bangalore to live my rest of my life happily by giving rent all 3 floors. Own home makes the owner to live as a royal in this expensive city. I faced lot of problems in my life & now I’m having capacity to construct my own home & live like a royal family so that I prefer this city to make my destiny..

  2. Chaman

    From my point of view this city is good for all the professional because all the educated people can get the jobs easily in any fields & none of the graduates sits like idle in homes. This city gives opportunity to all to do something instead of sitting& wasting time. Especially for females having full of security in BPO’s by providing cab’s with guards to pick up & drop.

  3. Mishra

    People don’t know but I love this fastest city because in this city the way of education is good, number of courses students can do, we can get so many companies to attend interviews, in spare time we can spend in the parks which is developed near to the apartments and many more which I like in this city so that I prefers Bangalore city to buy my dream home

  4. Bhushan

    It is right that people prefers Bangalore to invest their hard earned money to buy the beautiful buildings. This city choosing shows the positive towards in future, buy a home in this city is not an easy task but once people buy the home means he/she will live their lives happily without any struggling.

  5. Girish

    Everyone likes wonderful place and plans to settle down at those wonder places, likewise this garden city makes each and every person to feel as wonderful and beautiful by highlighting the luxuries, larger Companies, colorful malls, crowd of markets and many more attracts to the people to prefers this city to make their own home.

  6. Santhosh

    If everything is available in at one particular place means everyone will prefers that place likewise in Bangalore we can get everything at any time with very less prices so only many of the people prefers this city to make their own..

  7. Shivu

    Hi I’m basically from Andhra, i got the job in IT company of this city. Since from past 2 year I’m staying in rental home I prefer this city to get my own home and settle down with my family here itself. Because me and my family is happy with the climate and environment of this greenery city and wants to be live happily our rest of life in this city.

  8. Lalith

    Almost all everyone prefers this city to buy their own home because the attraction of the IT Hubs, biggest industries, Entertaining malls, Disco Clubs, Greenery Parks and many more. The main person behind making prefers is property builders. By the help of their work hard, experience, new innovative ideas and their construction style made this city to prefer everyone.

  9. Raj

    I’m a small business man. I like to settle down in this garden city because the weather and the business style. In this city I’m getting the products at very less prices from the manufacturing industry and after selling those products I’m getting more returns. Now I’m able to buy my own home in this city which made me rich in business. Like me so many people prefer this city to have their own shelters.

  10. Lokesh

    Bangalore is the most preferred choices for all the visitors of this city. The attraction of buildings and the low margin prices of building makes people to prefer Bangalore only. The main important attraction of this city is the climate, Industries and offices. Most of the people are preferring Bangalore from other cities to settle down their rest of life in to this city..


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