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Confident Group is one of the fastest growing corporation which has its headquarters in Bangalore. Besides, it has operations in Trivandrum, Kochi, Calicut, Trichur, Overseas and Dubai. The Group is expanded into six verticals, which are – Hospitality, Infrastructure, Entertainment, Aviation, Health Care and Education.

They have projects in the infrastructure sphere that includes Villas, Gated communities of Townships, Commercial Towers, Apartments, Software Towers & Parks, Malls, Resorts and Hotels. Confident Group is also the Largest Owners & Operators of Hotels + Resorts in Bangalore. Moreover, they are also in the procedure of executing similar Projects around various places in Southern India.

The Group is also under the process of constructing three schools around Bangalore.  The Group has huge numbers of projects that are in the pipeline and completed. It is no doubt that the Group is a huge player in all its fields of operations.

Confident projects  is currently enforcing 122 projects which are at different stages of completion. Most of the Projects have been completed before the schedule and various customers are happily staying there.

Customers and Home Buyers can share the views on Confident group Projects.

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39 Responses

  1. Rameez Hameed

    I’m planning to buy 2 BHK Apartment of Confident Group Project in Calicut. The Project name in Pheonix and it is currently under construction. Anyone have a bad experience from this Builder on this particular project in calicut.

  2. Manoj

    I am evaluating now “Confident Oberon” a property near Aluva Kochi. Can any one advise me the reliability of the builder. Is there anyone who has booked in the same property.

  3. Unni

    I lost trust on Confident group. I paid an advance [without even showing the plot ] amount as per their word that, they will pay back the amount if I don’t like the plot.

    After wards, they started telling all bla bla reasons, its been almost 3 years as of now. I am still following with them to get back my money.

    My Advice, please don’t trust their words before Investing. They played a proper drama to get back my bills in their hand.

    (Working with Cognizant technologies USA)

  4. Prabhas

    Not exactly bad feeling about Confident Group. Before booking here i got many good reviews and people also told me good comments about this builder. After i booked their a flat they try to ignore me little bit. After every three call they were giving the feedback of my project. All these things made me little bit angry on this builder.

  5. Srikanth Reddy

    Hello all, I have mixed feeling about the Confident group. When I went to booking a flat , the sales executive person took so much interested to talk with us and they described me about whole project satisfactorily. Then after, I went for a site visit after site visit am sure about to book a flat. After booking, there is no any smooth talk between me and sales executive. They didn’t give me proper response, when the project will be complete and any other queries. They are taking so much time to resolve my any queries. Now, I am in a dilemma, what to do and what not to do. I am requesting to all the customer please go for all reviews then after deciding whether you want to buy a flat from this company or not.
    Thank you.

  6. Siddharth Shekhar

    Confident Group has been keeping up their status vigorously crosswise over Bangalore yet the truth of the matter is the conveniences giving by this developer is much the same as a fantasy. They don’t give such amenities as they guaranteed furthermore which are specified in their task. Thus, benevolent solicitation to all in the event that you need to strive for landing your feet in the sure gathering office please verify about their distinct amenities and keep any evidence which will be beneficial to you.

  7. Chetan

    How does everyone go about buying a property from Confident Group , do they see original documents or is it purely based on the Xerox copies they give ?

  8. srinivas

    I have made my third investment in Confident Group. I found their people trustworthy and so far my experience with them has been good.

  9. Husain L

    I almost bought a plot through Confident in the Oberon project but my lawyers advised me against it because their title documentation is not clear for survey 5/2. The 6/2 survey seems to be ok but if you are considering this project then I highly recommend that you get your lawyers to review the title documentation thoroughly. It is shocking that such a big builder does not have clear title documentation.

    • Prakash

      Dear Husain,

      i am also thinking to invest in oberon. which plot you selected and kindly let me know the documentation problems you know in this project. my mail id is kindly give ur contact no.

  10. prem

    I have booked an apt. in their latest project, confident leo. Its a project that will be realized 36 months down the line. a lot has been promised, so far interaction with staff has been good and prompt. I shall keep you all informed on whether ‘the dream’ is realized or not :)

    • leoOwner

      Hello prem,

      I hv also booked a flat in leo. Can you please let me know which block u have booked. Please share ur email id

      We are currently forming a group so it would be helpful in future in case of any issues

      • Satish booked Leo

        Has anyone formed group ?
        Can you share the details?

    • Meeraj


      I am planning to invest in confident Leo. They don’t provide the cost breakdown up and say their cost is all inclusive. Even the service tax. Is that true?

  11. singhisking777

    They don’t have good business ethics. Be careful, confident group do not deliver what they promise during sales cycle ( Or they over promise for the money they charge )- aperantly more than 50% of their marketing storyboard vanishes and you will realise only when the project plan changes every 3 months. Not sure how do they get approval so easily.

    My personal experience on some key points to help you decide:

    – Construction Quality – Structure is constructed well, infact very good ( I think that’s the only good thing), but you just cannot bank only on construction quality.

    – Fittings and matirial used – Somewhat Okay, but not what they promise ( you will come across lots of fine prints during execution )

    – Amenities – Don’t believe what they promise, you will not get even the basic ones, atleast not for first 5 years after posession and by then your expectation will be down to whatever comes ! Moreover the usability of these amenities are quite questionable for the money paid.

    – Approvals – Have not come across any major discrepancy till now, but still doubt the way they change plans.

    – Customer service – Pathetic is the word to be used as on today. It was good initially, but has detoriated over time and now they are getting people from anywhere who doen’t have sense of their customer base.

    – You will have to struggle for Basic facilities like STP, borewell water, security personnel etc. the day you take posession.

    – Though the CMD “CJ Roy” writes about investing in Bangalore Rural for greatest appreciation of your money, somehow it is not true with Confident. Infact they earn from you and don’t share it. So you are left high and dry with derpreciating investment.

    – I think there is a split internally and partners are running their own cottage industry. Seems like only the name is International Standard, rest all local, 3rd class, mafia owned construction company.

    One word of caution: Please think twice before spending so much of money on their projects, specially in any of the pre-launch ones, its not worth. You cannot trust them, everything will change by the time it is ready for possession. I have burnt my fingures badly.

    Be aware of the promises, they will just remain on papers. Later you will be running piller to post.

    They are heavily Over Priced for what they deliver.

    Note: Confident Group: Please don’t play the gimmic of not recognising your customers in the blog, I can get plenty of them if you want.

    I can be contacted for any further clarification and authenticity of this feedback.

    • Ajith


      I am actually evaluating few projects , which includes 1 project from Confident group. Let me know the project which you own from Confident.

  12. abcdefg12345

    I have purchased an apartment in confident Atik and my personal analyst towards the project is it has been completed as promised and have also delivered as they have committed in terms of quality. (Trust me its value for money) my only concern is the amenities have not been provided as guaranteed while handing over, but the work at the site has been started and I am kind of ok with it and hope confident looks into this matter and do the needful at the earliest

    My overall experience towards Confident Group is, they are prompt always kept in touch, so knew exactly when job was going to be done. They are equipped with skilled tradesmen ship. We are delighted with Confident and would recommend them to others….


  13. rpk

    Hi Harsha, one doubt on Confident Sale agreement: Confident agreement says “Common amenties are best effort basis, not part of sale”, “Common amenites are developed by another company confident resorts, the owners or association has only right of use as per agreement with that company seperately, owners or association has no right on common amenties” Does these kinds of terms normal for villa plot projects? or is it only Confident group specific? The fact is that none of the confident plot projects have common amenities developed so far (they say only after 40% houses in the lay out).

  14. harshasagar

    Ideally if it is a BMRDA approved project then the CA sites are handed over to the local development authority and then you may have to wait for any length of time before the CA site is developed, its the same case with Roads and Parks. However if you are only referring to the Club House then yes there are layouts where the club house is owned by the developer and not handed over to the residents association. By the way don’t you think it makes sense that the common amenities are developed after people decide to move in, its much better than layouts where the amenities are there but there is nobody to use them and maintain them

    • Chetan

      Hi Harsha.

      I recently booked a Site at Confident Adonis paying 1 Lakh , I paid them a post dated cheque of 10 days for 30% amount , so that i can verify the legal set during that time , most of the Legal documents seems to be ok but my lawyer is telling me that before getting into an agreement one should check the original documents even if we have to go to their office to check it . My lawyer says that this is to avoid a problem where the legal documents may be pledged for some loan by Confident-Group and then our site may end up in trouble if they default. Confident-group guys are telling a STRICT NO on even showing the ORIGINAL DOCS . What to do , how to proceed ? Please help ! I still have an option to ask for refund , how should i go about it ?

      • Sumit

        Hi I also bought in confident Adonis, could you please give your contact will talk to you we can share our experience
        My contact
        Number: 9980867335

      • Sumit

        Hi Chetan,

        Could yo please call me again, I could not talk to you fully. I tried reaching you but you were not available on the phone you called from.


    • Sharath Mascarenhas

      Hey harsha,

      I’m Sharath Mascarenhas & I found your post quite interesting.

      i’m considering getting into real estate investing. But, I’d like to do so being as informed & prepared as possible.

      Would you know of any real estate review/complaint website where one could verify the credibility of developers & the projects they promoting?

      What are some of your precautionary measures you take before investing in a property?

      Alternatively, any sort of assistance pertaining to the above will be very helpful.

      Let me know if I can be of any assistance at all.

      Sharath Mascarenhas

  15. neerajg21

    Whitefield Oberon is sold out now. Whitefield K R Puram area is very demanding now and Lots of new project are going on there. Prestige, Brigade, Pashmina, etc are there…

  16. harshasagar

    Price does look high, but over the last 1 year it is true that prices have increased considerably in this locality. Saying that only west facing plots are available is just a tactic that they use since they want to clear them first and then increase the prices further and then sell the east facing plots

  17. sa

    Hi Harsha, I am interested in buying this plot will go and checkout the location soon. Do you think its worth the price? Also as the project is not yet approved how risky is to invest in such a property? though confident group is reputed still this will be my first experience to do so.. Also, they have increased the price to 2750 rs/sq ft and only west facing plots are available (not sure why?) Has anybody invested in this project ?

  18. skn197502

    Contrary to other people who speak bad about confident group, I have very nice and pleasant experience with Confident folks. Yes, they do play marketing gimmicks..(who does not play that – its about selling a product).Till now whatever information I have asked for they have provided me…I have been to all big players of Bangalore…I know how they speak and what is their quote.And also checked with few of my friends who are staying in those aparments..having said that, I do not want to denigrate any builders as they put all thier effort to sell us a good product.

    I put all my life time savings to buy a house in bangalore…having gone through confident group’s board of directors list, I was convinced..atleast I get a solace that I will not be cheated..(but marketting gimmicks can also influence me..that is how HLL,P&G all big companies do – and its a part of marketing).One day I went to confident Leo site and they were in the process of finishing the Model no sales person was there in site…but somehow, Deputy MD came for site visit..and he saw me ..then he called up directly to the sales folk to give me attention…believe me: I decided to buy the house then and there….Anyways, I have blocked the house…lets see what happens next


  19. neerajg21

    Villa plot in whitefield looks a bit costly at Rs 2500. On top of that one need to pay Rs 100 for east/north facing. What is others opinion on the pricing front? Has anyone got more information about villa plot in whitefield?

  20. srikuttty

    Confident Group is providing this villa project in prelaunch offer @2500 per sq.ft. Still approval is under process BBMP Limit, BDA – Approval Under Process You can find the details in the following site.However i am not able to find the full layout details. If anyone have information/suggestion/locality of this project, please share.

  21. vishpan

    I have booked 2 plots in Polaris 4 and have been pretty happy with them overall. The staff is quite courteous and the paper work has been clean so far. We are waiting for the approval but that was expected and I am not in a hurry. I know some friends who have invested in confident plots and are doing fine.

    I see quite a few reviews here that seem to be written apparently by some competitors and hence appear misleading. Well this is neither by a competitor nor by the confident group. For proof refer to the other reviews that I have written :-).

    I will surely come back to edit this review to update about how things go from here with the confident group.

    • Fazih

      Hi.. I have also bought a plot in polaris 4 but couldnt find the way to polaris 4 when I went there. My registration is also not done. Can you please update me about ur status on this.

      My number: 9916037303

  22. deepakkumar935

    As far i Know , Me and most my colleges have invested in their properties & we Got what they promised looking at these posts , I feel sad that few people here are just spreading rumors . Please People if you really wish to know about the company & property visit them directly rather than going through these useless complaints. I am sure after that you will end becoming my neighbor ( if you know what i mean).


  23. TVbangalore

    While booking with Confident group be careful on below –
    1) very high upfront money collected right in the beginning
    2) Asked to sign Sale agreement without showing any documents
    3) Confident does not hand over ownership of Clubhouse and other facilities to the Residents association

    Good points –
    1) very fast development on sites,
    2) with regular updates on the internet

    Overall experience is ok, with prompt paperwork done, receipts sent on time. It would be good if they change the landscaping of their layouts and not make them all looking the same, same entrance, same wall etc.

  24. johnsyed

    was interested in buying plots from Confident. I spoke to property adviser Noor.I got his phone no from Confident website.I wanted to see the sites in sarjapur road. Noor agreed to pick me up at Total mall on Sarjapur road at 3PM yesterday (Dec 18). I went to the total mall at 3pm as agreed and there was no one from Confident. I called up Noor and he told me that his colleague will be there in few minutes. Noor was supposed to meet me at 3pm but he did not bother to call up and tell me that he could not make it and his colleague would meet me instead. I had to find this out by calling him. He did not have the courtesy to inform me in advance.

    I waited till 4pm but nobody from Confident turned up. I made many calls to Noor but every time he gave excuses saying that his colleague would be there in few minutes to pick me up. After few calls, he did not respond to my calls. During the 1 hour I was waiting, Noor did not make a single call to me. I was waiting in total mall for more than an hour. After 4pm, I got a call from a lady from confident saying that the person who was supposed to pick me up was waiting for another customer at Silk board junction and it would take another 20 mts.She told me that i have 2 options – to wait for 20 mts or leave. I decided to leave as I realised that nobody was coming to meet me at Total mall even after 1 hour delay and Noor and the lady were only telling lies instead of accepting that there was some goof up from their side.

    I will definitely tell my friends and contacts to avoid Confident.

  25. cherian3308

    Confident group is only name . no quality and no value for money. They will cheat people. While booking the flat in capella, kochi, i have been told that flat is coming up in 1.4 acres and there will be lot of common space. After the work, t(hat also delayed 2 years) there is not enough space for even car parking. Quality of the flat is also poor.I will fetch only lesser price than i invested. also the flat came up in a remote area. No hotels, hospitals nearby. Only Nris are booking these flats and they won’t stay there. so those who are staying there will feel loneliness. Overall not worth .

  26. pummy12

    i had very bad experience with confident group.

    Let me explain u few points

    They are big liers

    Staff are too arrogent and they will never clear u any point / douts once u buy the flat

    I have taken two flats in one of there project they sell the property with a ease onec u are trapped they dont bother to reply your mails/calls/F2F meetings and all

    Worst worst worst builders in bangalore————— no customer satisfaction ——– i did a mistake request you to dont do this ever

    Projects which are near by ready may be they can have a smooth ending.

    I have taken flat because of fame and Director Roy educated person but after trying a lot also they never put your concers in his front and will never arrange a meeting with him also.


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