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    Hello Mr. Chuglani, you are FAKE person, we realise that, and you also know You are Fraud Person who took the person lie..

    Dear Flat Investor with me come together and fight legally against him.. I Am available @ 9987008653

  2. Mithu Biswas

    Falco developers ambivili is a great great fraud, fooled all buyers and collecting money from us. I invested 647560/ on their proposed greenshire project. Then their team told us that within three years we get possession. Because it’s a big project and showed us false booking papers to convince us, which paper shows 99% flats was sold out. So we innocently believed them and invested our heard earned money. Now after five years gone they are not able to complete a single building in this project and not also inform us that their projects are canceled. Because their intentions are not good enough to close as a fraud. Now we want to file RTI & seek direct support from lawyer, media & in Modi jis County any fraud cannot escape

  3. Shivam

    I m also facing the same issue, recently i visited der n found out dat from last 6-7 months all construction works are ceased.. We really need to unite against der nonsense

    • Pankaj

      I have booked in 2012 still delayed in possesio,
      Pls mention your contact number in comments to unite & communicate with each other. My no. 9011037533


  4. Prashant Gurav

    I am also facing same issue.Booked flat in 2012 but not get possession yet.
    Also not given any answer about it.

  5. Jayprakash

    I had invested on a 1 bhk in 2012 and still not even 1 floor of building is constructed..

  6. Shreya

    These guys are fake and completely unreliable. The director Rohit Chugani is not a man of his words, they just loot people. I invested in the project in 2012 and was supposed to get possession of property in 1st quarter of 2014. But these guys haven’t been able to complete even one building. They do not even have the proper approvals and documents for home loan purpose. Falco developers is running a fake business with fake promises. To top it all their staff will only be good to you till you make the payments, they are very rude and manner less thereafter. They did not complete their documentation on time and now I’ve filed a case against them.

    • Rajwanshi

      Dear Shreya,

      I have been also cheated by Rohit Chugani.
      Let me know which lawyer you have engaged to sue him.


      • Banty

        Hi Shreya and Rajwanshi,

        Same case is with me also.

        Time has come now we all unite and fight with them.
        Please let me know your opinion.


    • Pooja

      Can you share the contact details of the lawyer….same issue false promises since last 3 years.

      • Rakesh

        I am also facing the same issue. could you pls. let me know how can I also approach the same lawyer.

      • SURAJIT

        I am facing the same problem booked in the year2012 till now there is no progress even 1%. I think all the buyers should be united.

    • Mallika

      Hi Shreya,
      Can I have your email id. I too am facing the same problem


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