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  1. siddhesh

    I feel HDIL is a fake company and govt should ban shcu companies and takeover the new projects so as to serve poor people.

    • R.K.Shah

      Dear,nobody can help.we should do something. join with me.i am plan for FIR.

  2. Mr.Subhash Baburao Nikam

    Dear Sir,

    I have booked a flat at your Palghar HDIL’s Town ship project.

    Paradise city, Building no-22 second phase Wing C-flat No-105

    I want to register an official complaint against your maketing division.

    As per your demand letter for payment of VAT dated on 17th Aug-2012 , your letter has not mentioned VAT account number , bank, branch etc ..
    Still as per my knowledge I had managed a DD through state bank of india Mira road branch having amount Rs-10341/-in the name of HDIL Palghar .

    I have personally visited the palghar site office to deliver the DD on 25th Oct-2012.

    Your office had not accepted the DD. As on the DD it was mentioned HDIL PALGHAR.

    The only word palghar made me to cancel the DD because of youe mistake ; you have not clearly mentioned in which manner the DD should be written.

    Similarly many times I have requested the marketing team of Palghar for any sort of communication regarding demand letters,or any important issues regarding money or installment by acknowlegement reciept should be done.

    Your office is delivering all letters by ordinary courier service which is very pathetic from which we hardly had got any correspondance from your side.

    I have alreday submitted my contact numbers, address , email address in the companies prescribed form at the time of booking and updated at the time of registration.

    Till date the pathetic office team has not updated any information and communicated with me .

    As a result of this it mad3e me unnecssary cancellation of DD with the cancellation charges Rs-100/- as well as delay in the payment of VAT payment of Rs-843/- ..

    Bercause of your mistake it costed me Rs-1000 & unnecssary mental harrashment .

    I inform you to reimburseme the total Rs-1000/- otherwise I have decided to sue your company in the consumer court..

    As a senior citizen I made all formalities from my end but your team has taken it very lightly no one has communicated with me .I hope that my complaint we clear all focus of your site working. If you consider my compalint please reemburse me Rs-1000/- urgently.


    Mr. Subhash Baburao Nikam.


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