“Illegal to Legal just by payment”, Property that has no proper registration and is deemed illegal now gets cleared and gets a grant of a legal tag just by mere payment of money. Isn’t this a pathetic situation? An illegal land also gets sold at high hiked prices. It’s we who need to be aware whenever we get in hand with buying property so that fraudulent things don’t accompany us.

The State Government decided the rise in the rate which brought a change in the Karnataka Land Revenue Rules (1966) and increased the coverage under the regularization of the illegal construction scheme, also known as the Akrama Sakrama.

When legality of Akrama Sakrama is a debate that is still on, the move of regularising illegal property to legal property with a specified amount is likely to increase a rapid flow of requests for regularization in legality of land.

It’s been observed and seen that Bengaluru has grown way beyond BBMP’s official area of 709sqkm and the outskirts are also now becoming just like the cities. The illegal structures are coming under the scanner of local authorities but the revised rules will be an added benefit to the state exchequer

The tragedy is the price is further more reduced for the SCs STs, the disabled, ex-servicemen and pourakarmikas. Discounts available even to turn illegal properties to legal properties.

These revised rules are applicable to Mysuru, Belagavi, Kalaburagi, Hubballi-Dharwad and Mangaluru, but the buildings seeking regularization in these cities must lie with a 10km radius of their official limits.

Speaking on the issue of regularization in the legislative assembly, revenue minister  has announced that the penalty for construction on a 30x40ft (1200sqft) site was Rs 2,000, Rs 4,000 for a 40x60ft (2,400sqft) and Rs 6,000 for a 50x60ft (3,000sqft).

The penalties payable for the same violations are Rs 1,000, Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000 respectively for SCs STs, ex-servicemen and pourakarmikas. The local officials would be empowered to regularize illegal constructions and stated that the process was likely to be completed by the beginning of 2017.

The move to regularize constructions in revenue pockets was preceded by intense discussion in the government. “While some felt the move would allow those who had blatantly violated the law to get away with a nominal fee, many in the government felt demolition wasn’t a prudent option. The only issue was its timing – whether to do it now or next year in the run up to the assembly polls,” Though the government expects crores of rupees through this move, it has chosen not to quantify the expected revenue.

Now buying and selling good you need to be extra careful. Don’t be a reason to fall back on our own legs. Be aware and keep yourself safe from fraudulent house transfers.

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  1. Mukesh

    I bought a land from the my relative. when I was brought a land then there is no legal issues with the property but when I was constructed my home then I was faced some legal issues, even I got notices from the Govt. authorities. recently I came to know about the Akrama and Sakrama scheme. Though this scheme I regularized my property by paying just Rs. 10000/-.

  2. Prajwal

    Now it’s no need to fear or struggle about the regularise your little legal voilation construction of your home. And you just resolve your problem and regularise your property by paying just Rs. 10000.

  3. Yash

    First of all thanks for sharing the information about the legalize the property, and i.e. for just Rs. 10000/- this will help many middle class people to legalize their properties.

  4. Amar

    This revised rule is very good move by the Govt to convert the illegal properties to legal. But if it’s apply to the Bengaluru then it will be more helpful to the Bengalurians those who are already facing legal problems in properties.

  5. Kalpana

    This is amazing and unbelievable opportunity to convert any illegal property to legal if it really belongs to us, by paying just 10000. Thanks for sharing a valid information.

  6. Nirupama

    This is the nice opportunity to change change illegal properties to legal with less amount which is 10,000. This will be the right time to get legal clearances to our properties. So Dont miss the chance.


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