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Jain Housing Group forayed into the intensified market of real estate in the year 1988. They paved way for marketing the dawn of bright new era of remarkable residential apartments. They have already made a noteworthy existence in five states of Southern India namely Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore and Coimbatore. Jain Housing can state proudly that today it is an inheritor to a privileged client base of 6063 satisfied families. Besides, they have a widespread assortment of 150 remarkable residential projects. It is inclusive of 74.72 Lakhs Sq. ft. of completed projects and in the on-going projects around 97.02 Lakhs Sq. ft.

They have a scintillating history of 22 years as renowned builders. Jain Housing Group has time and again risen to innumerable trials and also won prestigious awards in acknowledgement to their fundamental pledge to novelty, revolutionary building methods and excellence.

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37 Responses

  1. Bala Ramakrishanan

    A right decision

    I needed an apartment to fit my budget, yet have all the amenities that are required for a comfortable living. So I chose Jain Housing. I bought a flat in one of Jain Housing’s projects after a lot of deliberations. I think I have made a right decision.
    – Bala Ramakrishnan

  2. prakash69

    hai buyers i strongly recommend you to buy in JAINS PROJECT. All there projects are good and worth for money, location will be always good for investment. Their withstand for more than 2 decade is an evidence for their leadership in this industry. I have booked in JAINS ALPINE MEADOWS, because of existing customers who booked with them in there existing projects, whatever negative is there, i will suggest to all that you can join your hands with JAIN HOUSING… For your dream house for investment as well as for living…

  3. mathi184

    My experience with JAIN HOUSING is very good so far. I purchased a flat in Pebble Brooks thoraipakkam and so far everything going really good, in fact they are well in advance with their schedule.

    Good value for money. Worth every penny. As a NRI community we can really rely on these guys as the quality and finishing is very good. I would recommend for all of my friends. Peace of mind is what you get.

  4. shakthipalanivelan

    Hi Everybody,
    I live in JAIN SUNDERBANS Nolumbur, West Moggappair. These guys are one of the best USELESS Fellows on earth. They don’t know even how to run a company. Many people live here with me have a complaint about the jain sunderbans project. I cant able to sya all those in this form but let me tell you mine. I got a flat in 7th blk and i need 2 car parking so they said 1 car parking is available in 7th blk for 1.5L
    if you need 2 car parking then you have to pay 2L but it is only available at 8th blk so i got the 2 car parking at 8th blk. After 20 months i got to know that my car parking is BEEN SOLD ALREADY TO ANOTHER ONE BEFORE ME. Now i am with out car parking. Have to fight for my money or parking. This is how they run a ridiculousness office. Shame on you guys and hats of to the MD GM and other responsible person working there.
    I am just a common man to say this and i dont belong to any other opposite rs …..

    • Narayansamy

      Any comments/Problems facing in the Jains West Minster, Pl. address to westminster122011@gmail. The above said comments was 100% correct. They have a Designated Post called Customer care, totally waste.

  5. rdevakumar

    My experience with Jain housing is mixed, mostly negative. Their sales process is good and very prompt. When i booked my flat in East Tambaram (Jain Sudarana, booked during 2007), they started well and things moved as planned initially.

    There were many issue towards completion of the project
    1. Delay in handover is more than a year (though ’recession’ was a reason, how they handled is worse)

    2. Very bad in accomodating the change and finish quality. There are many missing on what they promissed and many follow up and site visit required. You will loose lot of energy here and you will get things done only if you are smart

    3. Very poor customer support and onsite engineers. People worked in the site are moved to to other sites even before completion and the site is left to low quality people. Faced many issue on handling people who very low quality (equal to Chennai Auto drivers as a comparision and i hope you know what i mean here)

    4. As per the agreement there was a compensation on delayed delivery but none get that. When asked, the attitude is eiher you sign the paper and get the handover of flat or get it delayed indefinitely. Very unethical. Added to this, may are given with penalty as late payment (incorrect calculations) and forced to pay to ge the handover

    5. I found many instances where aged people and people who are not good at talking to them are taken for a ride by the Jain housing people at the office. Espcially during the handover time

    6. The handover process is simply a Torture (you should book a house in Jain Housing if you are a NRI and if you want to take revenge of your in laws back here, LOL)

    7. Finish quality – Very average for whay they claim (flooring level, electrical and plumbing, leakages, plus many). I was able to get much better quality through the local contractor, when i built a house in my native place later.

    Personally, i was able to make better deal as i booked the flat when the price was low and i have the means to work with them (handling the site people, making sure there is no late penalty by ’means’ of some arguments etc). But the quality i got is much below what was promissed and with more than a year delay.

    I will not suggest anyone (espcially the NRIs) to book new flats with Jain Housing. Only check Jain housing on the completed projects which are ready for immediate handover.

  6. rachealjohn3

    Hi friends,
    We have been waiting for the JAins project at thiruneermalai raod from last year.They promised us they would launch it by Jan. We had spoke to lots of their executives. But al give us some lame excuse n escape.Later on we got a response from the exceutive saying the project is not yet approved.It would take 3-4 months for the launch and completion on Oct 2012.Now!!! this is the biggest concern.How can they invest crores and build the structure on a place wher its still inPending aPProval.Did anyone else have the same experience??Or know the exact reason for the delay??

  7. valliammai

    i was contacting for renting a house in jain sasvat velachery,the person in the gate block me and asking for bribe to show the apartment,when i came to know about the person they where the security ,the maintenence incharge,and other responsible members of association also involved in this buglary,they stopped me to go further to approach a flat as they need bribe from me,i felt really bad and distressed,and came off,there is no direct dealing between the owner and the renters like me

  8. SKGupta_2011

    Yes, Vipin Jain r/o Muzaffarnagar, the brother of Mohit Jain are hell bent in their illegal practices (cheating & threatening) and running their illegal business and activities alongwith Peeyush Kumar Jain.

    Jain society should follow with such rude family who have no sense.

  9. Modinagar

    Ofcourse, such happenings are prevalent in jain familities. I may give one instance, Mr. Mohit Jain S/o Sushil Kumar Jain 690 Indira Colony, Muzaffarnagar (Jeth:Vipin Jain, Accountant in Paper Mill, Brother-in-law : Piyush Jain) presently employed with Wipro Infotech, Udyog Vihar, Ph.III, Gurgaon had married & kicked out my daughter just due to reason that she belongs to Aggarwal community, just after one year of marriage.

    No doubt, every family has dispute/s of their own and for little mistake/s both settles it amicably. But this case differs, just after kicking the victim, they filed petition against parents and brothers got search warrant issued on the ground that victim has kept in her parental house as “prisoner’ etc, etc, to put a lot of pressure so that victim get suicide of her own.

    Not stopping here, now they are filing fake cases/FIRs for MURDER against victim’s brother/other relatives just to pressurize for withdrawl of legal cases by the victim’s family.

  10. SMurugan75

    – I booked 2 flats in Jain housing. Project delay is more than 18 months. No Compensation from them. But they charged delay payment even for 5/6 days delay in the part payment and charged more than a lakh during handover.

    – This is a forgery group having their SAJAVAT for modifications. They charge 3 times than actual but wont do anything ontime. When you call, front desk junk lady wont transfer your call to the concern person and she will say that they are busy with cusmoters (eventhough they dont have any work).

    – Quality of Construction:

    This is very poor. Even a new mastri can construct a better job than what they do.

    – I nearly made 1000 phone calls 2 to 3 everyday to get h/o of my flat on jun’10 which i was supposed to get on Sep’07. You cant meet the manager except the customer care persons. They will commit amenities but end up with nothing.



  11. Rajesh.C

    Arun we have formed a group in yahoo and fighting this fradulent builder.
    Mail us your details at jainnakshatra@yahoogroups.co.in
    We are a group of more than 150 but he is refusing to budge.
    Cursing ourselves for having bought a home from this builder.

  12. boopathyj

    Year: 2007 Month: January. Just after Pongal… Birth of the auspiciois month of “Thai”… Having spent 8.5 years in Indian IT industry, what am I still waiting for? The desire to own a house did not occur to me till then. Married for 6 months, the family man in me started thinking of booking a flat. To be honest – the desire to own a house had just born – not taken a detailed imagination. I could not wait till the desire could grow stronger and grow into a detailed plan – reason: the flat rates were increased by 200 Rs/sq. ft. every couple of months by the builders. Delaying by a month or 2 would mean that you have to shell out another couple of lakhs more… Even when my friends alerted that Jain housing have a history of delaying completion of projects, ( never did anybody mention about the very poor quality may be Jains were n’t that bad then ) I still went for Jains. I booked a flat in Jains Sudarsana by paying an advance of Rs. 50,000/-

    Within a weeks time I handed over the cheque for Rs. 2.75 lakhs which in addition to 50K advance made up the initial 10% amount. I do not really remember how I got HDFC loan representative’s number – but once I called him up – he came to my office and did all the formalities – loan of 29.25 lakhs was approved and a cheque of Rs. 9.75 lakhs was given to me – this was towards 30% payment which was to be paid within 30 days of booking. Hence like most other people who book flats yet to be constructed, I too paid 40% of the total agreed price for the flat even before a single brick was placed on the ground (may be Bhoomi Pooja was done – I mean any real construction was yet to start).

    During this time, I happened to meet the gentleman who runs Ruby Builders. I came to know of their proposed flats construction at Camp road junction in East Tambaram. This superior quality construction was going at Rs. 200 per sq ft less than the Jains Sudarsnan rates although it was in a much more prime location. Just like the common belief goes – I thought the Jains premium price would be justifiable in the quality of construction . Only by this time I had already gone for Jains. The fact that me and my wife preferred to have children’s play area and swimming pool etc as amenities in the apartment we had no regrets then.

    Year: 2007 Month: July. The foundation construction was done and another 10% (about 3.5 lakks including service tax) was paid.

    Year: 2007 Month: Aug. First floor structure was raised and another 10% (about 3.5 lakks including service tax) was paid.

    Year: 2007 Month: Sep. Second floor structure was raised and another 10 % (about 3.5 lakks including service tax) was paid.

    Year: 2007 Month: Oct. Third floor structure was raised and another 10% (about 3.25 lakhs – by this time some controversy over service tax was raised) was paid.

    Year: 2008 Month: April. Fourth floor structure was raised and another 10% (about 3.25 lakhs) were paid

    By this time, 90% of the total agreed price for the undivided share of land and flat construction was paid. Now all of a sudden there was no activity in the construction site, we were told there was labour crises – not sure how on earth the crisis came up only after 90% of the agreed amount was fleezed from the customers.

    Year: 2010 Month: Febuary. The flat was completed and ready for handover as per Jain Housing’s prevailing pathetic standards.

    Year: 2010 Month: March. I inspected the flat for handover. By this time knowing Jain Housing’s quality that they have delivered to other helpless peopel like me in the apartment, had prepared my heart to accept the worst possible.

    uneven tiles, many broken tiles on the floor and the walls especially bath rooms. switchboards were not finished properly – some were protruding, some gone inside, some tilted to teh right or left.

    Year: 2010 Month: April: I took possession of my flat. No compensation was paid by the builder for the delays. In fact Jains had their interest calculation going tight on number days basis for each schedule of payment.

    Jain Housing were only good at interest calculation, not in construction, no timely delivery, no compensation for delay,

    Useful tips for buyers of flats under construction/ before construction:

    1. go for the builder who has a good track record for the past 3 years

    2. If you like the default design only then choose – for example, if you want a bath tub in your flat – you should only choose a builder who providesBath tub as a standard feature. If the builder says he can provide tub as an additional modification then the property may not possibly match your expectation.

    Thumb rule: if all your expectations are provided as a standard feature in the property, then it will stand a chance to meet your expectations

    3. even if you don’t intend to live in the property (only planning to rent out – as an investment opportunity for the banks are ready to loan and you get some tax advantage) still it makes sense to do a decent bit of due deligence before you choose the builder. Jain Housing has made few hundreds of families who booked their flats in Jains Sudarsana regret for choosing Jains.



  13. whitebell

    I purchased a flat (dream house while booking) in one of Jains projects in Chennai. the project has been delayed by 1 year and after presurrising them (as a group) constantly to deliver. No wonder, they have given the flats to owners in pathetic situation. The so called “Dream House” while booking had become “Home just do not want”. We had no rights to question them about the quality and that is the kind of treatment we received from Jains Management and their Customer Service. Very poor service from customer service. They also have department called “Extra Works” where people do not have any technical and practical knoweldge. This is just a selling department for Jains which sells low and poor quality materials at very high price. The complete team from Jains are arrogant.. I beleive that Jains provide training to all the employees how to be arrogant!! Only fortunate thing for me is the building supervisor for my block is very knowledgable and cooperative who did a splendid job for my block. Thanks to God for that. Otherwise, my experience with Jains is terrible, unpleasant. Anyone who has idea of purchasing flats from Jains, my sincere advice is to keep away from Jains and look for better builders, atleast who have courtesy with customers.

  14. suganandham

    Dear All,

    I booked a flat with Jain housing and got delayed by 1 year 9 months and their finishing was worst and I got stressed chasing them to complete and get the keys. Please do not go to Jain. There are water seepage problems in the neigbouring flats.

    1. Worth of investment – no
    2. Finishing – leakages, broken tiles, issues
    3. Timing – not meeting deadlines. Long delays
    4. Customer relations – worst – there is no integrity.
    5. Projects – There are core design issues, construction issues. I had moments with Jain General Manager too but even GM couldn’t deliver or care to deliver quality service for the money I gave.
    6. Common amneties – still it is not yet complete and there are issues.
    7.Overall – don’t go Jain Housing.

    Best Regards,

  15. aarruunn


    Even i am stuck in a similar situation, they had promised to handover the flat in January and now it is almost end of April, still no word on Handover dates.

    Can we not form a group to handle this situation.


  16. Akshay

    I am a owner of a flat in Jain Nakshatra and we are facing the problem of fraudulent means of taking money from us to tune of 95% of total value and the flats are delayed beyond scheduled handover .

    We protested but Jains continued their vicicious agenda to delay flats and in turn are now asking us to bear the cost of delay , and also charging delayed payment interest without paying us compensation .

    It is to be noted that succh a reputed builder is laundering money in the name of a construction company and such acts of most disrespect to builder forum and also to entire real estate thereby cheating public to
    harness wealth and also to garner lots of business.

    We are requesting a fair compensation and also service tax refund and a worst quality of possession and handover ever seen .

    Request you to intervene accordingly and give us justice.

  17. k_doshi

    This is about Jain Housing Projects in Bangalore (Jain Housing is based at Chennai). The completed project – Jain Prakriti is in the most pathetic condition, anyone can even imagine of. It is difficult to convey here what Jains have done to this community. Apart from the worst construction, badly managed site, unusually late delivery without any compensation, outcome not even 50% of what their broacher promised, they have also held back the corpus fund collected by them to the tune of 2 Corers. The association formed is left to a very pity situation. The repair works are required at almost every corner around the building, which is handed over by Jains only 2-3 years back. Un settled issues are part of every apartments fate. They have not even spared the owners of the land with whom they did joint venture, are in the worst receiving end, with Jains who are not bothered about their customers, once they are locked up with them. We all know about developers, but this people are setting new heights.
    Visit the Jain Prikriti in Jaynagar 8th Block, Kanakpura Raod Bangalore and talk to the committee, before you end up with Jains. You will bless me to have writen this review, if you are reading this before you have paid up anything to this company.

  18. mmohanan

    I could not agree more with the reviews written about Jain Housing on Mouthshut. In short, THEY HAVE NO ETHICS.
    My in-laws booked an apartment at Jains Nakshatra in Chennai. Jain housing committed to handing over the apartment in December 2008. It has not been handed over till date. The reason cited is “labor problems” !!!
    Is that the customer’s problem? Can the customer tell them that he has a financial problem and hence will be able to pay him only after 2 years? These are some questions that Jains need to ask themselves. But they will not and do not care.
    The most frustrating part of dealing with Jains is that whenever you require clarification they will transfer your call to the wrong person. He/she will tell you that he/she is not incharge of the project you are talking about and transfer you to the next person who will be unreachable because their line is busy, everybody else in the organisation is not aware of their mobile number, one of their relatives passed away and they will not be back for a week or they are sick.
    The fact is that everybody from top to bottom in Jains is SICK (mentally) and nobody is in charge of anything. The funniest part of this whole scam is that if you need to ask somebody why they have not handed over your apartment as promised, after one year, you first need an appointment with these scamsters!!
    Jains will suck out all your money and then refuse to give you answers or even talk to you. Most builders, as far as I have seen (I’ve dealt with at least 3 big names) are unethical but jains tops them all..no doubt.
    So what do you do? Before you buy an apartment, go to Mouthshut.com and read each and every review carefully before choosing to deal with a builder. Post your reviews about builders whom you have dealt with so that others can benefit from your experience

  19. amari

    I have dealt with more than 1 builder and Jains are certainly not trustworthy. Quite contrary to their advertisement their service absoluetely sucks and they simply don’t care. Talk to any owner in Chennai and they will tell stories. Visit any of their recent projects and you can see it first hand. It is very normal for them to delay projects a year and beyond and not offer any compensation. Unscruplous. To add to it, their quality simply sucks. Builders like this should be debarred from practise. People should start to lodge complaints using our justice system to bring such errant builders to book. Until such time we have a proper legal recourse people should just drive them out of business. Some points to note in the contracts: they own and operate the common amneties. While they mention penalty for non-performance they hardly ever pay (i’m sure they quote examples but don’t be fooled). More often then not they charge hard-working home owners late payment penalty otherwise they won’t hand over the keys. Also, watch out for a clause which allows them to increase the rates per sq. ft if the market conditions become adverse.

    I recently (early Dec 09) got invited to a house warming ceremony (guess where) to Jain Sudarshana (at Rajakeepakkam, Chennai). The tale of woes from this lot is endless. They have formed a Yahoo group to try and address their woes collectively but stil continue to have challenges. The main issue I could tell from the construction were:

    QUALITY (abysmal): Not a single floor or wall was straight, the plastering was attrocious, the tiles in some places were loose, the tiling had so many gaps and uneven that one could tell the poor quality finish with a naked eye, they had cleaned the place well before handover and worse they had leakage issues even before they moved in!! I really felt sorry for the folks who had bought the place. Hard-working & honest families don’t deserve this.

    Completeness: The common area was as if the building was still under construction (the floor tiling had layers of cement, the stair case has many broken tiles and the railings were completely rusted) but Jains claimed that things were completed and if people didn’t move they were threatning them with penalty/late charged.

    Late handover -> The place was to be completed in Sep 08 but a year later 2 block were still under construction with no sign of completion. Yet Jains were refusing to pay any penalty which is as per their contract. Instead they were unscruplously charging late payment fees to house owners refusing to handover if they dind’t pay the late fee.

    What exactly is the legal recourse we have for such builders in the country. Can we take any collective action/campaingn to stop them from building any further and compensate existing flat owners in their projects.

  20. rose123-

    If you want to buy flat please please don’t not consider jain construction . pl. pl. you will be in big trouble in all angles. First they are famous for delayed handover, poor quality, horrible customer service, cheating in everything one example is service tax , they will collect it from you and won’t pay to the government even though it is not required as per the law
    Extra work is the another nightmare. Everything except floor and wall are extra In the name of extra they will loot you . Site engineers really they are not fit for anything
    Customer care executive or the extra work dep don’t know anything you have to teach them finally they wont do anything at site
    Quality is the another big issue.
    After maintenance is the another problem
    Finally you will becoming mad mad mad nothing else.
    Finally it waste of your money and time.
    Don’t fall on sales guys words

  21. arunkumar111

    We booked a flat in jain housing coimbatore in 2006 oct. It was supposed to completed by March 2008. Now it is May 2009 there is no sign of handing over.Lot of work is incomplete. When inquired they keep saying it will get completed in a month, 15 days. When compensation was claimed for the delay, it was not paid as per the agreed terms stating increase in material cost. They will bring in other reason to avoid paying compensation.We have written several letters to them, but they dont care to respond. Customer service is pretty bad. They show least concern for their clients. Please check out their design upfront, as they may not even provide windows. such design can only be seen in Jain. Even if it is in design, always verify during execution if they are they have provided the same as many times they fail to verify.Jain always claim for additional charges which is not in the contract.

  22. Malar218

    I own a flat in jains sasvat at adambakkam. I booked the apartment going by the brand value that they carried in the market. I was really amazed by the professionalism they showed when the marketing team sold the apartment. but the same amount of commitment is not there in the customer care. there is a lot of communication gap between the site and the customer care department. The project was progressing well ahead of time, but reasons not known there were a lot of change in the site team and the handing over delayed. Finally the project was handed over in July 08 instead of April 08. Onething that definitely needs appreciation is the garden, children play area and the swimming pool with cascade. if only the customer care team can handle customers with more care and attention, jains will retain the brand image. the top management is good and wants to do a lot, but are not being supported enough. Incase you are planning to buying an apartment from any of the massive jains projects, take 3 to 6 months of delay into account and some service issues. Otherwise you will be happy with the final product.

  23. satyaseelan

    I purchased a flat from Jain housing and i think i should write about my feed back on them so that prospective buyers are aware of what these people are upto.

    To put it in a nut shell it is not worth spending your hard earned money on their property.

    The quality of the construction is pathetic. The pillars are not even straight and i wonder how the multi story building is going to stand on those pillars. The buildings never see water during the construction except what they use for mixing with cement. If it rains then it is the owners luck.
    Another important aspect is delivery time and you can be 100% assured that they will never deliver it on time as per the past records and as well as my experience. Be ready for at least one year delay and not less than that.
    They pay very less for the people working on their site and the site engineer you see one week will not be there next week.
    They don’t use any wood for the windows and everything is aluminum frames and easy for any one to break in.
    They don’t pay the compensation for their delay as promised though what they promise is only 4%.
    Their only aim is to maximize their profit at the expense of the customer and their workers.
    My suggestion is it is better buying from a reputed builder though the price is slightly higher rather than going for a company like Jain Housing. Even if you have decided to book one of their flats please do yourself a favour in talking to the people who had already purchased from them or visit their site.

  24. Visu903

    I have bought a flat in Jains Kences Retreat in Apr 2006. Though the apartment was due for handing over by Mar 2008 with grace time, we got the apartment by June 2008. Though they claim the delay was beacuse of EB connection, there are still some works in the common area pending. I am satisfied with the quality of the product but the response from lower level staff is not very encouraging. Even for small things they always say, they need to check with higher ups or take approval. I also happened to visit their Green Acres project recently in pallavaram for my friend’s house warming function. Though the project got delayed by more than a year, I have not seen any equivalent project in chennai with such open space, greenery and amenities. Definitely a big yes when it comes to value for money. Overall experience has been good.

  25. vijaykumar1981

    Dont ever get fooled by Jains Sales or marketing team,because you are in for a free ride then.Jains will not even live to the per s.ft promise because after completing project, they will ask youm more money to hand over fflat or they wont give you your booked flat. Flat – absolutely zero quality , third class material.,third class in evrything starting from customer service departmnet to the CEO..they will not do anything. no phone calls answered, only thing they will do promptly is ask for money ..they know only money ..they delay the project minimum by 2 years, they do not complete any of promised amenities, the customer serice is a stuppid , useless department, they will cheat you to the core right from per sft rate, service tax, modification charge and all..they collect so much service tax and they cheat the government also..they cheat people’s hard earned money

  26. Baskarans

    A proud owner of a float at jains ashraya

    I feel its a very good opportunity for me , owning 2 bed room float at Jains Ashraya before 3 years, for the price of 27 lakhs with the proper guidance of their excellent marketing persons. But i cannot imagine the situation of buying any flat at any locations today being the market prices are gone sky hight. Once again i thanks or the persons whoever helped me in buying this flat.

    When i compare to other builders jain housing doing their best quality of construction and services. I would like to build up the rappo relationship with jain housing in my further future investments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    We are quite satisfied with your prompt response at all times even after completing your project and are always open to any comments, suggestion to the satisfaction of the client. It is this quality that I had awarded the contract to you. Wishing you all success and best wishes to you and your team for their excellent job.

  27. rajansys

    Retracing 20 years into history, the origin of Jain Housing has been a path-breaking event. An inspiring era beginning from that historic date has been instrumental in creating a construction behemoth that has witnessed domination on the real estate development and construction scene and scripting a story of stupendous success, incredible growth and diversification.

    Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Jains maintains an efficient network of 7 regional offices in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mysore, and Pune; 10 sales offices and an able army of 0ver 500 dedicated personnel in their staff. Highly valued with utmost regard, the customer is considered an integral part of the Jains family and accorded the minutest care and personalized attention to suit every requirement concerning the home.

    The exceptional Jains entrepreneurial spirit has earned the company prestigious awards that stand out as beacons along its two-decade long history that they have been honoured by ‘The Builders Association of India’ Southern Chapter with ‘The Best Builder in Chennai’ award.

    The Captivating Jains projects bring together the best in design, technology, design, amenities and location and stand testimony to the company’s relentless commitment towards integrity, excellence, innovation and unwatched customer service. Having delivered an astonishing 4.5 million sq.ft. of distinctive living spaces spread across 150 spectacular projects in all the Southern states, Jain Housing is widely acknowledged as a pioneering legend in the Indian construction industry. Their ambitious endeavors span another staggering 10 million sq.ft. of ongoing prime space.

    Marked for ever-growing distinction and achievement, Jain Housing is making history on a daily basis.

  28. Saentoo

    JAIN housing people are the worst kind of dacoits that you will ever come across.
    If you show any interest in their property they will send their marketing team like hunting dogs and give you all false promises.

    This has happened to me and some 500 families who booked their house in JAIN Housing project called Green Acres in pallavaram Chennai.
    We were told that handover of the flats will be happen in October 2006. It is almost going to be one year and flats are still not complete. the whole project is at around 60% completion on its 10 month of delay.
    The JAINS management kept tricking us by giving false reasons for the delay and kept telling us that it will be handedover within next 2 month…then 2 months…then 1 month….and so on.
    People are paying huge EMIs and rents to stay in their present hom es and are waiting endlessly to move into their homes, which seems like a mere dream. Lot of people have started selling their houses because of this deadlock. The agreement stated clearly that they will pay us compensation, but the JAIN builders staright away told us that they cannot pay us the compensation.

    The owners of the 500 flats made a yahoo group to discuss their problems and next steps….but have remained defeated in front of this sitaution.
    The Jainhousing & Constructions Ltd company has started targeting other projects without completeing this one – Now some of the affected families have decided to go the press with their grievieances and some have decided to sue JAIN housing.

    Friends, please do not fall into the death trap of Jain housing & Constructions Ltd

  29. adamswine

    I purchased a flat from Jains in Perungudi called the Jains Anumita . This flat was booked at the rate of 1100/- per sq feet and the process of documentation started with IDBI bank for the Home Loan.
    IDBI, although they sanctioned my loan did not disburse it and the reason stated was that the legal has not been cleared. There was a deviation in the construction and because of the reason IDBI did not disburse the loan.
    At the same time I received intimations from Jains stating that the amount due is not paid. I was conversing with both the bank and the people in Jains and one fine day I receive a letter stating that the agreement stands cancelled and I would have to purchase the flat at the new rate if I still wanted the flat. I had not choice but to accept to pay at the new rate of 1500/- per sq feet. Who mentioned this? The great CEO Mr. Vijay (Then a Vice President) who was rude and unethical – (Why would he not become a CEO, he sucked out close to 5 Lakhs from me, there are 109 tenements in Jains anumita, and close to 15 projects in the anvil – It would be that many lakhs into Jain’s Pockets)
    The flat was 1167 sq feet and this change impacted me with an additional bill of Rs. 466000/-
    These very same documents with deviation was accepted by ABN Amro Bank and my loan was disbursed in 1 week. How? No clue. I would talk abt ABN AMRO and their gimmicks in another post and link it here.

    1. Now, who is to be blamed, Jain Housing (for a devaition in the plan) or IDBI Bank (for not having disbursed the loan amount citing the deviation in the plan) or ABN Amro (who have or have not checked the deviation but still disbursed the loan)
    – Who ever is blamed it is me who is suffering an additional burden of 4 and a half Lakhs
    2. Until this point post me occupying the flat in perungudi, they haven’t yet provided me with the following
    – An explanation for my complaint against the laying of marbonite tiles, which have air pockets and have not been laid properly at a cost of 28000/-
    – The rental difference @ rs. 4/- per sq feet for every month post the promised completion date, which amounts to rs 28000/-
    – They have paid no heed to the fact that I’ve not signed the possession certificate/Completion certificate
    – The swimming pool and the Gym that were promised haven’t yet been operational. This is after about 2 years from the projected project completion date of November 2005
    3. I went ahead with interior decoration (the woodwork) with their sister concern Sajaawat. Which again is no good. There seems to be this complacency with which the Jain family works with. There used to be constant tiffs with the sajaawat labourers and the Jains labourers. A few tiles have been chipped and the quality of the wood work is pretty pathetic.

    I have been taken for a jolly good ride by the so called service community. Who is the loser ME, for which I don’t have any shame in admitting.

    Please beware of the sly, unethical, cunning, bloodsucking, businessmen who call themselves servers of the public and act as though they are godsend to mankind.

  30. basuv

    Leave delay, no compensation , poor sajawat work from jains. Their buildings have poor quality which is not noticed by normal viewing but need to spend in their projects for some time.
    Jains green acres is one of their prestigious projects and i am happy owning a flat there in such a project.
    But we observed many leakages in our buildings.Now we as an assoication is trying to fix our problems by spending our money.Jains management will never bother about after sales.
    First of all they fill beneath bathroom tiles with construction debris not with concrete.So the white cement applied between the tiles will give way to the water as time goes by. This is a serious issue because water going through this will deteriorate the building. They attended some issues in our flats by applying white cement but this is not a permanent solution.


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