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Krishvi established over 13 years back is one of the prominent leading developers in constructing housing projects in Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India.

This real estate company managed and controlled by a team of experts and professionals with sound technical and financial knowledge has effectively accomplished various projects till now.

They have successfully completed around 6 residential projects and to name them are Tierra, Aspire, Willow Herbs, Lapalma, Orange Tree, and Terrazzo that are constructed in the prime locations of the city.

Currently, they have 4 ongoing Krishvi Builders projects called Dhavala in Sarjapur, Gavakshi in Marathahalli, Bougainvillea with a total of 7 exclusive duplex apartments, and Wisteria positioned in Tigalarpalya, Brookefield is to be launched very soon.

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  1. Ash

    Hi All,
    Planning to book a 3 BHK in Dhavala. According to marketing person possession would be by June2016. Would appreciate if any existing owner of the project ,let me know about the builders and project ?

  2. VIJAY

    I have plan to book 2 BHK I visited site today, but still work is not started when it will start do no they are telling in 3 months work will start if any one booked a plot in Gavashki means plz share your reviews with us I am totally confuse by seeing all reviews…

  3. Sachitha

    Hi …Those who booked there or booking share their experience? We are planning to book tomorrow but now after seeing comments i am getteing confuse..

  4. Abhishek


    I am looking into booking in Gavashki a 2BHK. Those who booked there or booking share their experience? Though it looks attractive option, there looks to be many loopholes like BDA/ BBMP approval, agreement clause etc.
    Good thing is it looks around possession time now or near future.


  5. OSR

    We are planning to book in Dhavala tomorrow but now after seeing comments from Manoj & Malathi am totally confused.

    Kindly if any body have purchased recently can you please let me know abt the project whether to go ahead or not…

    Plz let us know abt ur feedback asap…


  6. Malthi

    Another point is that once you have paid a substantial amount, the same marketing folks behave like god and will not let you visit the site by giving various reasons. You have to request them for the same to satisfy their ego. Please don’t put your hard money to krishvi projects. Instead go for well established builder. You may cross check about these facts from existing customers.

  7. Malthi

    You should avoid buying in krishvi projects. Initially they quote lower but later they add amount to comensate it by saying increased project cost.

  8. Pankaj

    i have visited the site today with my friend we both are interested to buy, prices are little high but i have seen model flat that looks great, only thing is bothering me the completion date they are saying its completed by 2015…plz share your thoughts…

  9. PS

    Has anyone booked an apartment in Dhavala? What is the ongoing rate and what do you think about the project?

    • Sachin k

      I like advice for home seekers not to go for Dhavala since they changed floor plans couple times no proper planning

  10. Balaji

    There is a proposed road between ORR and Varthur, that will improve the connectivity to this location. It is high tech zone, lot of IT companies, so expect good rental income.,

  11. Shalini


    Has any body booked in Krishvi Dhavala?

    Please give us the feedback about the builder.

    Model flat looks awesome .. but that can be marketing strategy ..

    Price is also pretty high .. and first time I have heard about Krishvi ..

    Would like to have more information about the builder regarding construction quality..


    • Bhuvana

      Hi Shalini,

      I have booked a flat in Krishvi Dhavala.. Have you too???


      • Sunita

        Yes, I have also booked a flat in krishvi dhavala…did u find the agreement satisfactory. One clause which is disturbing is that the builder will take care of the property for 10 years and also he modular kitchen and cupboards will be done only by him… isn’t that monopoly…..didn’t u ask these questions

      • Rajeev Krishnan

        Hi Sunita,

        I and my friend (Ravi) have booked flat in Dhavala.
        Did you get any answer from builder on the questions.

        When are you signing the agreement?


      • Sunita

        I am not planning to sign the agreement and take this forward. Want to cancel and take back the money because we r not very clear as what the builder is upto by putting down that he wants to maintain the property for 10 long years. His intentions are not very clear. More over as the regulations of any society are put down, there are no fixed regulations put down as to in those 10 years what is the duty of the builder. After all it is our sinking fund that the builders will be living on for the 10 years. Don’t want that to happen. Beware….

      • Subrahmanyam

        Please mail me what is the sq.ft they have quoted and when. Also share some details about this project.

  12. Vipin Sharma

    Krishvi past projects look impressive, and well-maintained also. Harsha: Did you get a chance to review their “Gavakshi” project? That has almost double the number of units as Dhavala.

  13. Neeha

    Yes , it is in interiors we can say . But plan and quality of contruction promised looks attractive. There are three concerns :
    1. Distance from OOR
    2. Completion time
    3. above all price they are quoting for this place is not worthy.

  14. Neeha

    I liked plans of this project. Did anyone booked here? How much is per sq feet price?

  15. Champak

    I was quite eager to visit this place and take a look at location and specifications. Frankly, I had real bad experience with the marketing guys here, it is as if they are doing a favour showing you the flat.

    I dropped the plan purely because of that.

    • Kiran Manoj

      Krishvi Dhavala is overly priced and not have approval from goverment as well. They have launched project 1 year back and no work at site because some litigation problem. they are simply quoting the price without any approval.
      Krishvi is not flexible in any aspect, very bad attitude and also not co-operative.


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