The Akrama-Sakrama scheme is anticipated to be soon implemented so that it enables the much awaited regularization of building bylaws and land use violations in urban areas. There are rampant violations by quite a few developers pertaining to setbacks, floor-area ratio (FAR), building on agricultural land without getting the conversion done, formation of unauthorized layouts and sites even under bodies such as Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). All of the above will come under this scheme.

The scheme will regularize up to 50 percent violations of setback norms and permitted FAR in residential buildings while it will be 25 percent in commercial buildings. Any violation going beyond this would lead to demolition of the structure.

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The BBMP is yet to put the mechanism in place to accept applications under the scheme. The application consists of three parts, first is for regularization of sites in an unauthorized sub-divided land. Next is regularizing buildings with land use violations and regularization of unapproved but either non-violated or violated and approved but non-violated.

As per the officials the government is expecting nearly Rs. 32,000 crores through this scheme. The money generated through this would be used in development of urban local bodies.

What won’t be regularized under this scheme?

  • Properties either adjacent to or located against storm water drains, tank beds, river course or canals.
  • Where the construction is done under high-tension electric wires
  • Any land that is developed or planned for a playground, park or any other amenities meant for public
  • Any property that would require a Karnataka State Pollution Control Board Clearance won’t be regularized
  • In case of violation of more than 50 percent of residential building construction
  • Any development in an agricultural zone or green belt under Karnataka Land Revenue Act of 1964
  • If the land belongs to Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)
  • Any construction closer to defense establishments or installations or any other government buildings dealing with classified and sensitive materials. Here the height of construction prescribed by the governing authority is of key significance.

Points to be noted before buying any property

The draft available on the state government website can be downloaded to view the points that are a must-read before buying such properties:

  • Terms and Conditions for calculating the violations
  • Scrutinizing the violations that are eligible for regularization
  • Each and every form that needs to be filled out in those cases
  • The possible steps you and/or the authority can take.

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9 Responses

  1. Jeevani

    When these scheme comes to the Bangalore the middle class people wil be happy.The Karnataka government has implemented good scheme to stop litigation properties.

  2. Anath

    Due to the effect of high demand for residential homes in Bangalore, there is more illegal constructions are going on and most of the agriculture and forestry lands has become a concrete park. The Akrama Sakrama Scheme will put an end to all these illegal constructions.

  3. Gagan

    As Bangalorean we need such a strong laws like ‘Akrama Sakram’ to stop the land litigations. And these ‘Akrama Sakrma’ legal cell makes people to aware about the litigation properties.

    • Sivanandh

      Every one should aware about the litigation and legal properties. And in this way Karnataka Govt. has done a great job by Akrama Sakrama legal cell.

    • Yash

      So Be aware about the litigation properties because the Karnataka Govt. will going to implement Strong Akrama Sakrama Scheme to stop and demolish the litigation properties and construction. So while buying properties in Bengaluru, do legal verification.

  4. Prajwal

    The Govt of Karnataka has launched a scheme called Akrama Sakrama to help the people to get awareness of litigation properties like those which is illegally constructed in the lake and it’s surroundings without any proper approvals.

    • Karunakar

      Even it’s not only creating awareness of litigation properties, it is also protects the government properties especially like agriculture land and lakes.

  5. Kumara Swamy

    The govt. of Karnataka is going to launch a new scheme by name Akrama Sakrama to regulate all the properties available in urban areas of Karnataka. These are available to all the people to purchase. There will be a legal to cell to clear all the doubts. So everyone utilize this and check clearly before going to buy.

  6. Subba Reddy

    In some times the construction of a flat or home can be delayed for some months. At that time we wish to cancel the booking. For this we’ve to follow some guidelines before going to cancellation department we have to read the conditions and cancellation procedure mentioned in the agreement. That will help us to receive our money with interest without any problems.


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