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Nitesh Estates is a real estate arm of the Nitesh Group. It is an integrated property development company which is headquartered in Bangalore, India. It has its existence across 4 asset classes.

Nitesh Group develops state-of-the-art Hotels, Homes, Shopping Malls and Office Buildings. Today, hardly after 8 years of its operations, the company boasts of more than 20 million sq. ft. retail, work spaces and premium living which are currently under numerous phases of development.

Nitesh Builders is considered to be the country’s most recognized Luxury Real Estate Brand. Moreover, it is also responsible for many of South India’s most well-established developments. Some of the qualities that the company thrives on are Attention to Detail, Perfection and Superior Quality. These are some of the standards set by the company. These are the values inherent in their projects such as from Office Buildings to Shopping Malls and from Homes to Hotel.
The whole experience of living and owning a Nitesh Estate property is unparalleled. A layman can very well sense the brand in each and every aspect of the properties. With each and every project of theirs, the company has continuously raised the bar of super luxury living consistently.

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  1. Rajan Jha

    We booked a residential unit in Hunter Valley a 21 acre housing project advertised and launched by Nitesh Estates Ltd. We paid entire booking amount as asked by them on 1st May 2015.

    Sales team of Nitesh Estates mentioned that few approvals were expected in routine manner and they would hand over possession by year 2018-19.

    There has been no progress since. We were recently informed by Nitesh Estates that the project is being shelved and we could transfer our Hunter Valley booking in other project.

    We explored the option but switch was not financially workable so we requested for cancellation and refund.

    Response from Nitesh Estates has been non committal. They are silent on when the refund will happen. We have no say in the matter.

    To some extent we feel wronged.

    Firstly, Nitesh Estates were not justified in advertising and booking apartment for which they did not have necessary permissions. Secondly, they cant arbitrarily cancel the project and let investors fend for themselves. We have lost more than a year in process. Thirdly they are not forthcoming when refund would be made.

    Frankly, we went to Nitesh Estates thinking them to be better than other builders. But are they!

  2. manindersingh

    After going through lots of Nitesh Estates Reviews and Nitesh Estates Feedback about Nitesh Estates Ceasers Palace I bought an apartment there….and Im happy with it. Guys who are interested, blocks c and d expected to be ready by June 2016.

  3. niharsharma

    Some of the upcoming plot developments by Nitesh Group have a good prospect for lucrative returns in the future because of the location. The recently launched Nitesh Rio on Kanakpura Road is one fine example.

    • nitesh

      Beware of Nitesh Builders !!
      Purchased a apartment with triparty condition with bank. It was agreed/ contract signed that after one year this will be bought back on a specific rate. After one year now when we ask them to buy back, they are not doing so. Now they say you have to buy it.
      They tricked us with the dates and got sign on the papers. and now saying that do whatever you can. Now I am paying the bank EMI for something which i do not intended to buy. They did some fraud on dates of the document.

  4. parinithashetty 

    Bangalore’s east, south and north corridors are known for their booming real estate opportunity. Buying a plot at Nitesh rio in kanakpura road is a good start for long term investment.

  5. rahanarazak

    Investing in real estate is all about investing at the right time. Had invested with Nitesh group’s Forest hills apartments and today am getting a good value for it.

  6. reshebreddy

    Want to buy a villa. A friend suggested Nitesh Napa Valley. Planning to visit the site next week.

  7. ramyapandith

    Nehh … i don’t think the property prices are going to drop any time soon. Looks like it’s gonna be increasing instead. Especially if you look at Yelahanka area to invest. I myself have invested in Nitesh Columbus Square and the prices seem to be steadily rising. Better invest now if you ask me.

  8. meenanayak

    I want to invest in the northern part of Bangalore, what would be the future capital appreciation? To be specific i am thinking about Nitesh Napa Valley. Thanks

  9. aradyaprem

    Before investing in real estate, know this ground rule; do NOT expect quick returns on your investment. It takes time but it is still a safe investment. I had invested in Nitesh Ceasers Palace and am looking at getting good returns.

  10. kirtanasharma

    Prefer to live closer to the city and not interested in far off spots. Hennur is as far as I plan to go as it is close to hebbal and MG road, suggestions on a new property that is launched or pre launch so the prices are worth? I heard of Nitehs hunter valley but have not seen it yet.


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