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The Prestige Group has played a phenomenal role in the development of the South India with expansions that have spanned across Commercial, Residential, Leisure, Retail and Hospitality sectors. The Prestige Group has completed 168 Projects that have spanned a total chiseled area of over 51 million sq. ft. Moreover, the company has 65 currently in progress projects consisting around 54.45 million sq. ft. and 28 upcoming projects, thus totaling 33.94 million sq. ft. This includes shopping malls, apartment enclaves and corporate structures.

The company has received 15 Awards across numerous groups at the recently held International Property Awards, Asia Pacific 2012-13. This only serves as testament to Prestige’s work, thus it makes them a trusted name in the Realty sector. The Group was formed way back in Bangalore in the early 1950s when Mr. Razack Sattar set up the Prestige House of Fashion. It is nothing but his vision and his skillful passion for excellence that defines the Group’s culture and directs its development till date.

Prestige group made a serious entry in 1986, into the real estate arena and the rest is simply considered as history. In a short span of over two decades, the Group almost independently has given Bangalore the world class skyline which is known for today. Moreover, its turnover has grown over Rs.1000 crores over a period of time.

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44 Responses

  1. Keerti

    We recently visited the Prestige Sunnyside and were keen on purchasing a flat 2124 sq ft 3.5 BHK flat. I don’t know when will these reputed builds be more sensitive towards the customer’s apprehensions towards investing more than a Rs 1 crore of their hard earned money.

    Well it’s very well documented that Prestige Sunnyside apartment is in some sort of litigation. To which the Prestige themselves agree to when you contact them through email.
    I contacted niraj at prestigeconstructions dot com. But when you visit them with the intensions to book he flat, all you hear from them is there is not litigation anymore sir (even if they had agreed a day before in email clarification)

    More over the worst part was when we asked them to provide us with the documents so we could verify it with our advocates and be satisfied before investing Rs 1.23 Crore (our hard earned money)
    This is the response,
    1. That they would only furnish documents after I make a booking by paying a decent price. This is like a salesman at Nike showroom asking us to take away a Rs 5000 shoe without trying it on. And asking us to try it on reaching home.
    2. Or to check with SBI legal advocates about their property. But why? why can’t Prestige provide me the documents when I am intending to purchase the flat from Prestige.

    This is total nonsense.
    I am no dealer. If you want to verify what i have written, just go and enquire about the property and ask them to furnish documents for your perusual.

    I have no doubt in my mind that these builds will flex their political, legal and financial muscles to get over the litigation. However, like the purvankara property the residents will wait endlesly to obtain Khatta documents.
    Without which it will get very difficult for one to sell this property.

    Hope some sense prevails with these builders.

    • Kartik

      Hi Keerti,

      I thankfully chanced upon this litigation bit in Sunnyside (I’d let Silver Crest pass by coz they weren’t going to give me a copy of the legal clearances). I completely agree with you…1 Cr is not a small amount (atleast for me) that I can gamble with.

      Have you heard anything from them since when you posted this message?


  2. Shankar Kalgudi


    I have a 2bhk premium apartment (2108, Tower-2, Level 10) for resale. If anybody is interested plz contact me at my email id or by my no 8105743434.


  3. Deepa

    I have a three bed flat in Prestige Tranqility its 1797 Sqft i have already made payment only payment left is the registration amount . I would like to sell it off and would like to know what can i accept as a resell value .

    Please send me a mail on if intrested in buying and if anyone can reply on what could be the resell value .

    • sumanth

      i am interesred pl send ur contact no
      price per sq feet .
      details of the project .

  4. Nitin

    Hi Harsha,

    Current rate for PSS is about 4900 per sq feet + Floor rising charges. Can you advise if this is good for investment purpose ?


  5. Nitin

    Yes, I talked to executive. They assured me that within 10 days, they would have some legal docs towards property.

    btw, I have sent request to join Google Group, but no response yet. I have booked 2BHK in Elm recently.

    Any advise for me, I am due to get Sales Agreeemnt and already paid 15% booking amount. Some how, I missed to see litigation matter, was more relying on Prestige brand, (which I still hope, they would take care of this).


  6. Anurag


    As per the latest information, there is indeed a litigation on this project but it is something that has no substance or merit. Prestige met with existing owners and assured them that they will be resolving this within 1 month, in court or out of court.

  7. Ram


    Yes. I just spoke to marketing executives. They confimed that, there is some litigation going on in prestige sunny side. Some of the existing buyers, they walked away from the project . As per prestige, people are continue to buying flats there. Its unfortunate that, such a huge build have bought the land without confirming the legal formailities.

  8. Chinna Ramesh

    Recently we visited the actual site of Prestige Garden bay and found lot of difference in their claim and the actual figure. .They don’t have the Model flat and we were told they are not going to construct also any( Prestige’s name itself shd be enough for the buyers) , approach road is very narrow and site is located in quite interior . They hv only 2 types of flats 2159 sqft and the other one is more then 3500sqft. After the careful calculation we were surprised to find that the Area get reduced the area by 33% where as it shd not be more then 20-24% means for 2159 sqft size Flat comes down tp 1466 sqft only which is really very less and pricey also. Its not at all an advisable investment.

  9. ats44

    Hi Harsha

    One clarification regarding possession period.
    Earlier they have told that we will get possession by Aug 2014 or by Max Dec 2014 including 6 month grace period but I got agreement to sell papers in which they have extended grace period by another 6 months.i.e. June 2015. Do you have any update on that.

    Dear PT owners if you have any update please let me know. Are they mentioned same dates to you as well ???

  10. sandhyak

    Hello buyers,

    I have come to know from a colleague that there is a court case currently in progress in Prestige Sunnyside. The person who has filed the case in court is claiming 50% of land in 2 of the 3 plots of Prestige Sunnyside Oak and Elm. She tells me that the case is very serious and not something minor. Prestige is adding indemnity clause in agreements to persuade customers who have booked to sign agreement.


  11. kumar

    I booked a flat ( 3bhk) in T4 block on 10th floor; rate 3300/-. psft. Would have been more happy to book something inward facing, but nothing was available. Available flats are overlooking small factories. Sales man told me that these factories are running on lease and might get closed in time to come, 4-5 yrs, as this area is slowly becoming a residential one.But no guarantee of course.
    I do think that this area has potential to grow in 5-6 yrs and would have better if booked earlier with lessor rate. Anyways better late than never :-) .
    Can anybody please let me know which will be nearest metro station from tranquility and water level in this area?

  12. Blogger

    We have booked a 3bhk apartment there. Liked the location and flat layout.

  13. Jestin

    am also looking at this project… any pointers would help….

  14. Sonali_Mehta

    I own a 3.5 BHK flat in Prestige Shantiniketan. Because I stay abroad, I trusted prestige to take up my wardrobe and kitchen design and installation. The catalogues shown to me were pretty nice. But when I visited my flat recently, I was in for a rude shock. I came to know that all prestige interiors is handled by some Morph Design Company. They had done a pathetic job. The wardrobe members were bent and unfinished. Even a part of my wardrobe was jutting out of the wall. It was so bad that I was brought to tears. Now I am even ashamed to put my otherwise lovely flat on rent. Prestige is a good builder but please don’t trust them with any interior work because it is entirely handled by Morph Design which is just a bunch of uneducated people.

  15. Jitu

    I am interested in a 3 BHK at Prestige ParkView. Is there any unit available?

  16. Nithy

    Hello Everyone,

    Is there any flat 1704 Sq.ft available for booking . I’m interested, please contact me immediately. Inner facing above 10th floor is preferred.


  17. rnarayan65

    We have recently shifted into a flag ship project of Prestige. I must say that I am most impressed by the courtesy and promptness of the Prestige staff. Complaints are handled swiftly and efficiently. Senior staff is accessible without the usual barriers that are associated with large companies.Ours has been a very happy experience in dealing with this very large Bangalore based developer. We are planning to recommend Prestige projects to our friends and relations who have had less than happy expereinces elsewhere.

  18. Chico791

    I have purchased some property from prestige constructions – a bad error. Once monies have been paid, managers, even senior ones will not even bother to respond to emails ! There should be more professional players coming into the construction space : unfortunately it is currently populated by players who have the right contacts rather than businesses which exist for customers… Prestige constructions has a culture where senior managers believe that their job is to keep their primary shareholder happy and harassed customers do not matter.

  19. ramesh

    I am interested in this project. Please share the current rate psf. & other charges.

  20. Priya

    I am interested in Prestige Park View project.Would like to approach in a group.

    Has anybody gone to the builder as a group ?
    If yes, can you pls update us ony discounts that were offered.


  21. Subhash

    The price seems to have been revised from 1st November . The current price is 4050 psft. Anyone got a better deal recently ?

  22. karthi

    Count me too.. How many people booked ? How much is current running rate ? Why this is costlier than Other projects around the place ?

  23. DK

    Hi Harsha,

    Any idea why Prestige Tranquility has a proposed completion date of 2013 whereas Park View has a proposed completion date of 2014? Park View is a smaller project and much easier to sell because of it’s location.


  24. Edki

    I was the owner of Prestige Wellington Park, now not bcas I decided to sell it bcas of its poor quality of construction, poor finish, chipped tiles, uneven floor and uneven finishing of wall paint. Even if ppl walk in their homes ppl get disturbed in the lower apt. I have never seen this before.
    over all i would never advice anyone to buy a prestige property. Now I have settled for a Kumar Princetown project.

  25. Mkgupta

    Prestige Neptune’s Courtyard is a development of ultra luxurious apartments with exclusive amenities. It’s a water facing estate spread across 5 acres of land at Marine Drive. The property has 7 blocks each G+17 storey high and houses 3-5 BHK premium apartments and opulent duplexes and palatial triplexes for those exclusive few. The duplex and triplex offers more space to turn each level into conceptual living spaces. Every level comes with its own special view of the backwaters. The private swimming pool, Jacuzzi and deck make these the most coveted residences on the property.

  26. Kamin

    The first thing that you notice about Prestige Notting Hill is the sheer sprawl of it. Spread across 4.7 acres and sporting over 14 floor, this property on Bannerghatta Road, effortlessly towers over its surrounding, lending these apartments a regal air. Built on a classical plan, Notting Hill displays distinctive Tudor style of architecture. The property has been designed with extensive water bodies and a swimming pool with a Solarium to enhance the visual axis. The Clubhouse that greets you as you enter has been designed like a Roman Courtyard to complement the Towers behind it.

  27. Kamin

    Prestige Kensington Gardens, Classic homes at RMV II Stage Extn., Bangalore. Glide to the rhythm of nature with Prestige Kensington Gardens, designed for those who believe in the soothing yet spirited vigor of nature. Situated in the close proximity of Prestige Wellington Park, these two and three bedroom homes are spread over 7.6 acres of lush green land and consists of four residential towers. Equipped with amenities and recreational facilities, Prestige Kensington Gardens have homes that have the spirit and liveliness to make life more refreshing.

  28. Deepika

    et to the backdrop of the picturesque Nandi Hills, across 275 acres is Bangalore’s most premium property – Prestige Golfshire. Dedicated to perfecting the art of luxurious living and a culture of leisure, this property comes complete with ultra-luxurious Mansions, a 300 bed luxury hotel, a private lake and the piece de resistance – a 18 hole champion ship sized golf course. A 45 minutes drive from the heart of Bangalore and a short 10 minute drive from the new Bangalore International Airport, Prestige Golfshire is a close to Bangalore’s business and commercial district as it is away form it all.

    • m.ansar

      hi i own a 25 flat apartment all are 4 bhk in cochin .each 6500sqft area.will cost 25 million usd /kindly contact me.

  29. Sharma1

    Sprawled over 9 acres of sloping greens just off the Ring Road at Banashankari, Prestige South Ridge is situated on a natural elevation, so you can see the city of Bangalore beneath you. There are 5 residential towers with a total of 264 apartments, each with its vista of nature.

  30. ageorge1

    I am a recent buyer of a Prestige apartment. I was satisified with every aspect of my interaction with them, until their project became delayed. The delay will be for approximately for a year (at least) and as per agreement that we signed, Prestige is supposed to compensate us for the delay, a fixed percentage of price of apartment – until apartment is delivered.

    A letter was sent by Prestige to me early December ’08, explaining that they have witnessed “unseasonal rains”, “labor strike at place where they procure sand”, “delay with Government for granting them environmental clearance”, hence I will not be eligible for any compensation.

    Also, the letter states that they had witnessed “unprecedented increase in raw material prices”, that they had not passed on to customers. Also, the project had “appreciated in value” – which essentially means we should not complain.

    Moreover, Prestige continues to give false press releases as in http://www.indiaprw ease/real- estate/200907273 0180.htm where they have mentioned, which I quote: “It also gives me immense pleasure to state that the Prestige Group has once again managed to complete these projects well on schedule .”

    Just to clarify this point, their own website reveals the truth: and point 12, which I quote: “12. When does the development start and when can I expect to move into my new home ? Marketing will commence on 21st Jan 2006, construction will commence by April 2006 and your new home will welcome you by August 2008 .”

    Hence, how can their project be ” well on schedule” if the project is already delayed by over a year?

    Also there is discrepancy in what they promised and what they delivered. At our apartment complex, they have done away with one pool, moved and reduced children’s play area, removed jogging track – all without informing the buyers . They might give any reason for the changes, but they should intimate the buyers who have invested in the property under an agreement.

    Buyers like me have paid them as per their payment schedule and I had signed an agreement that THEY had written. If they have delayed project and have modifed the project without my permission, I am eligbile for compensation.


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