Real estate today has become complex and varied with different kinds of people and profession joining the industry which has become the need of the hour. Real estate sector or be it any sector or industry works with customers. Customer service flourishes in an environment of open communication and to create a climate of positive customer service all the departments of a company work in tandem, agree on different processes and procedures and come to common expectations through negotiation only to satisfy the external customers. Thus the stress on internal customer service today is basically due to the need felt to develop effective internal customer service mechanism within the organization which helps the company to cut down costs, increase productivity, internal and inter departmental communication, align goals with the vision of the company, harmonize processes and bring about a climate of interdepartmental cooperation to deliver improved customer services to the external customer. It has been realized by the industry today that excellent external customer service is totally dependent on the healthy internal customer service practice.

In broad parlance Customer Relationship Management refers to the relationship that a firm or an organization establishes with its internal and external customers. That is precisely the reason why CRM has become so popular in all sectors and especially the real estate sector. CRM attempts to seek two questions namely “Who are my customers?” and “How can they be served in a better way?”

CRM attempts to answer the questions below for any business unit.

Type of information

Questions that CRM answers

Customer’s profile

  • Who are they?
  • Why do they need your product?
  • Where are they located?
  • If they are a business, how big are they?
  • If they are a business, what do they do?
  • How do they communicate with you? 
  • Do they have an account?
  • How long have they been a customer?
  • Are they a business or a person?
  • And many others as per the industry specifics.

Real estate is an industry that has to retain the customers as the production time or the time of construction is often two to three years for a project. Thus CRM helps in collecting information relevant to the business or situation on different aspects of internal and external customer behaviours over time and attempts to store this information in an organized fashion and filters and feeds the right information for the business to derive more relevant communication. In this way CRM tries to create value for the customers to earn loyalty and trust and often makes the customer a valuable asset of the company. This is in tune with the oft quoted remark in marketing parlance that it takes about ten times the effort and money to earn a new customer than retain an old customer.

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customer relation management wordies

Real estate CRM software is the effective tool to manage, monitor and organize the situation of pre and post sales of all types of organizations. In today’s business more and more companies are using the CRM software to increase and virtually double the overall profit scenario of the organization. One must have surely heard about CRM if one is familiar about the technology which is an important tool to manage the information collected from various internal and external customers including the employees, vendors and suppliers. The software has diversified modules to monitor and administer the status of every division of the real estate company and every stage of the external customer process administration like due for payment, blocked status, available, booked or sold, etc.

Why are the Real Estate Software useful and when to use it?

CRM software is useful to the real estate company

  • If you want to create a connectivity with your past clients.
  • If you want to keep the promises and the commitments to the customers.
  • If you want the personal information of the clientele ready at the time of need supported with proper business intelligence data.

The CRM automates the real estate development business and manages the business operations related to each and every internal and external customer’s accounts, staff strength, brokers, documents and the leads. The realtor can analyze easily the buying habit of the customers and can manage the data through the CRM the level of customer satisfaction and can gradually attempt to increase it.

The CRM software provides unique and extraordinary services to the real estate builders as follows.

  • It manages the life cycle of the prospective customers and the enquiry.
  • It gives the customers the privilege of auto payment receipt generation.
  • It manages the bookings of customers and their accounts.
  • The CRM software facilitates maintenance of records of sales by the property dealers.
  • It helps the organization in generating the maximum number of leads.
  • It provides optimum solution to the builders and developers.

CRM is a preferred and a popular tool for many customers throughout the globe which helps the real estate organizations to track the current trends of inquiries, sales, agents, accounts, supplies and receivables.The software can be tailor made according to the builder’s needs and requirements too and caters to the security needs of the builder giving fair amount of user friendliness.

The time and effort deployed to any sales or closing a deal can be minimized with the help of the real estate CRM software. The software assists in delivering customer satisfaction with the proper delivery of the right product and services to the right customer just in time. It manages and books the details of the clearances, stamp duty, payment history, document generation, service taxes, refunds, cancellations, schedules and much more with an excellent single user interface with superb user friendliness.

3 Responses

  1. Ishanth

    For the real estate builders CRM provides unique results like:
    Manages customers by solving customer’s doubts, gives updates to both builder as well as to the customers, generate maximum number of leads and provide solutions to the builders and developers and many more. CRM treats as popular tool for every large business to grow smoothly…

  2. Amar

    Everything is depends on CRM if we have any doubts before buying the property from the builder we need to ask and clear our doubts regarding property with their CRMs. All the documents and approvals is shown by their CRM people so that we have to come up from overall doubts with them. It’s my suggestion to the home buyers please try to check all the legal approval from the CRM team and try to be close friendly with them because you will get few secret ideas about where to buy the property and which location is more demandable.

  3. Srinivas

    CRM plays a very important role in real estate industry. I’m very much happy with my flat builder team in which I booked my dream flat and also their CRM team supported and solved my doubts whatever before booking I had. I appreciated their CRM team work and with daily regular updates. Thank you very much CRM for clearing my doubts and for giving me opportunity to become a part of your group.


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