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  1. cv blore

    Sharavati Apartment @ Roopena Agrahara NGR Layout Near Silk Board :

    A pathetic apartment and a destination of suffering .

    I stayed in one corner flat near slum area . I selected this house as it was a new apartment so i did not give a second thought thinking it will be a good one compared to old building.
    But in my 15 years of rental house staying experience in Bangalore it gave me a shock and ton of learning in life.

    Here are the BIG list from day two :

    The very first day I entered the house – No problem , because I was yet to unpack my containers to settle down.
    From next day onward – It started showing it real quality.

    1. First week :
    – Water getting soaked to all outer walls of two bathrooms
    – Water soak from utility to Kitchen inside walls
    – Water coming inside the house through bottom of utility doors and bathrooms doors because there was no height covers at the doorstep
    – Water does not pass through the balcony/utility pipes because the pipes were so thin.

    I informed this to owner and Builder as it was under builder maintenance for six months. I literally had begged for get it repaired.
    It took two weeks to fix this issue, So had suffer with this problems for two weeks.

    3. Third week- second month :

    – A chimney was fixed in the kitchen. The chimney pipe hole in the wall is not accurate. So the pipe does not go out of the wall.
    I hear lot of birds sound in the kitchen. and the chimney sound started increasing to horrible . I informed owner and called chimney service people to check it.
    They removed the pipe and it is seen that birds had cut the plastic pipe cap and made their nest inside chimney pipe. They cleaned the pipe and I paid the service charge.

    Service guy said to change the pipe to aluminium. It was very dangerous that as birds are cutting the plastic cap so any poisonous insect may come to the house.
    But who cares , owner give some childish reason every time to avoid expenses for a quality fix.

    3. Second month – Third month :

    – Again water soak started in the walls because the white cement they put in the tiles in bathroom was not proper.

    Again I asked all clever and intelligent fellows to fix it . It again took three weeks from the builder – most busiest people in this earth.
    Every time a problem occurs, I suffered at least three weeks to stay with the problem and then some patch they did.

    4. Fourth month –

    Chimney problem again-
    Again the chimney sound increases a lot for two weeks. Again I called service people and this time i found that birds start growing their family with their new borne birds inside the pipe.
    Service guy said to change the pipe from plastic to aluminium . This time i forced owner to change it to with aluminium pipe but as the hole in the wall is not proper
    still there is a problem bird may come and hit the cap . Wait and watch for future magic.

    5. Fifth Month :

    The floor above my floor in the building had started doing wood work.
    suddenly water started leaking with heavy amount from upper toilet to my toilet.
    It was really a big shocking experience in my lifetime. When i called builder , they said after on week it will be fixed. Mean again i suffered a week with such a
    HELL experience. Can you imagine such thing !!!!!!! No way !!!!
    When plumber came , it is seen that the pipe at top floor was fixed properly. I think it was the only builder came from Mars and constructed this building.

    I though I will leave the house if any more problem observed. Why should pay such a high rent and experience the HELL.

    6. Sixth to Seventh –

    Not such problem after six month JAIL experience. So i though to continue because if i change house again lot of money will be wasted in shifting.

    Another strange problem , some sound comes from the master bedroom ceiling everyday around 12 midnight. I told all about this . Everybody laughed. But it still comes.
    I don t know if it is ghost sound or what.

    7. seven month on wards –

    – Suddenly some strong , unbearable dirty smell started coming to the attached bathroom from the window side due to improper pipelining.
    Initially I thought may it is coming through bath room window from outside.
    It took one month to understand that it is continuous problem of smell in a regular period.
    I informed the owner and builder again. Again the same story, plumber is not their , etc.
    It was becoming a HUGE hygiene issue and major health issue. I used to get headache and vomiting feeling.
    It unbearable day by day. I begged many times time to both the MARS parties , they just ignored with some excuses .

    So enough is enough , taken decision of leaving the house immediately even if I had to waste some money in shifting.
    Who know what is the next problem will appear in house.

    Who the fool will spend 18k and enjoy in HELL. There are hell lot of new houses around which are far better that this.

    I informed the owner and left the house in a month. I requested the owner not to deduct a single penny instead he should pay me compensation for the suffering I had in his house.
    But it was my bad luck that the owner was not from the heaven that he understand this. With some nonsense explanation he deducted one month rent very nicely.
    I think he needs more money than me in this earth. God bless him.

    And the builder experience building houses in the MARS not here in Earth.
    So my friends , I am writing this to make you alert not do the same mistake i did and think 100 times to chose to stay here.
    You can ask the other owner in the building , or the guard a young guy from Assam to believe what i say is right or wrong.

    So these were the problem inside the house .
    There are extra problem from outside , as it is near slum area all drunker will come and shout near the boundary wall.
    dogs barks near boundary walls in the midnight daily.
    Early morning there are noise near apartment as some construction people load their machine from near the house.

    Good luck and I wish you do not suffer as i did by taking the wrong decision.

    C V Blore


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