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  1. Jay

    Do not buy this property its in court due to litiation..pls see public notice column in Indian Express Sept 2nd paper ..3rd page.
    also in Kannada Prabha sunday edition Sept 2nd paper

  2. Dinesh


    STP & RWH are couple of key norms which has to be in place to get the approval from BWSSB. Im sure STP is in progress. whereas, i persume RWH is also in place.My concerns is, bore water avlbility & corporation water connection. I was told that, bore water is good & corporation water connection going to get…but not sure how far it is true.Somebody know abt dis???

  3. rac


    I have booked the flat in A block before 2 weeks and price is 2900/sqft but it is builder flat.

  4. sonia

    Hi Dinesh,

    I am not sure weather this project offers Rain water harvesting and water retreatment plant. Its not mentioned on their website. Please share if you have any information on water resources.


  5. Dinesh

    Hi Sravan,

    I have booked somewhere in Oct/Nov’11 last year. Even i heard now they r quoting rs.3300/sqft. By last month flat was supposed to given for possession. Gettin delayd.


  6. Sravan Kumar

    Hi Dinesh,

    May I know when you have booked the flat? I called up their official contact and he is quoting 3300/-. If you have booked pretty recently can you please refer me to somebody who can arrange for that price range?

    Suribabu, I haven’t yet looked at the site but once I get the info I might be interested. Can you please share your contact details with me?

  7. Suribabu Ganni

    Looking for additional info. Can we go as a group to get discount?

  8. Dinesh

    Hi…I have bookd a flat in dis project. rate/sft- 3050. i feel the locality is good & upcoming market area. Share the thoughts. I wnated to know the water resource.

  9. rac

    i have booked the flat and there is no issue as per my lawyer. He verified all the documents.

  10. Ratan

    I am interested in this property. Can someone please let me know if there any legal issues known for this project ?

  11. Raj

    Yes it is approved by SBI. I think from SBI sadasiv nagar branch and one of the occupant has taken loan from SBI BTP c v raman nagr branch.

  12. Raj

    Yes it is approved by SBI. I think from SBI sadasiv nagar branch and one of the occupant has taken loan from SBI BTP c v raman nagr branch

  13. rac

    Ya Few Flats are available, you can visit the site Sonesta Rajatha Greens.

  14. Raj

    Hi Harsha, Can you pls provide location updates and floor plan if available


  15. rac

    I am planning to book flat in Rajatha greens, please provide the valuable feedback. is this project approved by SBI.

  16. Raj

    Not sure about Water Treatment Plan. However they are probing Rain Water harvesting. If you get nay information on that do let us know.


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