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Vaswani Group ventured into real estate market in 1992 by offering residential property solutions to homebuyers for International and Indian clients.

This real estate company is a 22-year old with an ISO 9001:2008 certification and has developed about 6 million sq. ft. of built-up spaces that is spread across many segments like residential, retail, commercial, and hospitality. At present, this realtor presence is spread across many cities that include Bangalore, Goa, Pune, and Mumbai.

Now with almost two decades of their presence, they have planned, designed, and executed like malls, technology parks, homes, offices, and hospitality projects in western and southern India.

Some of the Projects of Vaswani Group to name are Bella Vista, Whispering Palms, Pinnacle, Ashton Woods, and others in Bangalore, while Exotica, Belvedere, Krsna, and Mumbai, which they have successfully completed.

Currently, they have about 9 ongoing projects in Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, and Pune; they also have 3 commercial projects, 1 retail projects, and 1 hospitality project.

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  1. lavanya

    I have booked vaswani brentwood in 2012. The scheduled date for delivery was June 2015, now they are saying they will give it for registration in the month of June, and are refusing to give the flat for doing interiors till registration is done. All our mails to them asking for reason for delay is not answered at all by anybody. I cannot comment on the quality of the building as i have not started living in it still, but i definitely dont agree to the fact that he is the among good developers in bangalore when it comes to customer satisfaction and delivering project on time. I am totally dissatisfied with vaswani.

  2. Abhinav Sindey

    Since 1992 Vaswani Grouip is serviong to India in real estate sector. They believed that they are coming in the A grade builder list . As per their thinking it right but as a customer i am saying it is not true. Even they don’t how to talk with customer, then how they will construct a building.

  3. Veena

    a) I accept appointed my collapsed with Vaswani group in Bangalore in June 2012 & fabricated 90% transaction based on affiance by salesman that control will be in from oct 2012.
    b) But they put the date of control as June 2013 in agreement.
    c) Now it is about 1 year adjournment for possession, but architect is not giving me control & gives the acumen of not accepting approval from government dep.
    d) I wish advantage for the adjournment from architect as I don’t apperceive still how abounding canicule he will yield to accord possession.
    e) Please adviser me how I should get the right.

    Thanks & Regards

  4. Sachin

    Looks like the builder has increased the prize to 4700/- when asked recently. Has anyone booked flat in this project?

  5. Vijay

    Price quoted by builder when I last contacted them is around rs:4500 sq ft. which is high. And there are high tension wires in land . Marketing guys say building will be away from HT wires.
    Same location Keerthi gardenia is running around 3200 sq ft .

  6. Suga

    Hi ,

    Anyone had booked in Brentwood?
    Any feedback on this project would be appreciated.


  7. shyamolsengupta

    Vaswani Group, call themselves an A grade builder and 25 yr old ISO 9000 company. However, they dont respect / value their customers. Experience with their marketing / customer team has been very poor. Their GM Marketing a Mr. Vijaykumar quite frankly doesnt know how to deal with customers. Escalating to their Sr. Management including MD / Directors of little use as they are extremely unresponsive.

    Have held back on my booking based on this initial experience, as first impressions are lasting. Congratulating myself on lucky escape. Arrogant attitude & behavior, hardly surprising from a builder of their calibre

  8. birundha

    They did not deliver in time and did not keep up to the commitments
    – did not come up with STP as promised
    – did not do the RWH to the spirit required
    – Their architecture lacks common sense in both the unit we bought and the common area
    – did not give a secure compound wall.
    – cheated in the SBA calculation.

    You have to follow up with them to the last , for quality of work..

    We were frustated of their work and commitments, so wanted to get rid of them. But the worst part came up at that point, during handover phase they do not even want to give the security deposit back in one shot.

    they charged us for the work which by common sense they should have provided.

    The list keeps going on, pls be very careful with this builder.

    • Rajeshwari

      I am planning vaswani property felt something not correct with SBA calculation.
      Can you share email I’d. Just want have detail of it before I commit.


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